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🌱 Port Offers Scholarships To LBUSD Seniors + Tsunami Advisory

Good morning Long Beach and Happy Newton’s National Day! Let’s all learn to start this day on an informed note. For example, if you plan to drive anywhere, refuel at Noil USA at 1234 West Cowles Street. Regular unleaded offline costs $4.14 per gallon.

the The port accepts applications for a scholarship Until 1 March. stay out of the ocean. finally, MLK Celebration will become virtual.

First, today’s weather:

Partly sunny. High: 71 Low: 54.

Here are the top stories at Long Beach today:

  • Driving Long Beach It has partnered with local elder care facilities in Long Beach to connect community members with isolated senior residents. Community members have the opportunity to write a personal, meaningful letter to a senior. (Facebook social networking site)
  • Type Bluff Park The neighbor found a dog at the Ocean & Temple in the alley. Please call if you know where it belongs. 760861-5678 (Nextdoor)
  • for us middle wrigley The neighbor needs a reliable, affordable mechanic in the area to fix the radiator. Any recommendations? (next chapter)
  • a Al-Dhafiriya Historic Village – Sir The neighbor wants to know if there are any cheap places to go bowling. (next chapter)
  • for us Cal . Heights Your neighbor is looking for an expert you hire who recommends sanding, crack repairing, cleaning, primers, paints, and seals for old bathroom tiles. (next chapter)

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Sylvia Cochran

ABOUT ME: Sylvia Cochran works in sunny Southern California and has been writing full time since 2005. She loves dogs, cats, and books, plays the best demons (Don’t Judge), embraces social justice, and tries to live the life of Micah 6:8.


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