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10 things every teacher wants their student to know

Being a better student will help you be a better golfer too.

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I love meeting the new students on a tee in the lesson, not only because I’m going to meet a new golfer, but I hope to be able to help them resolve any frustrations they might have. For students, first lessons can be nerve-wracking – but it doesn’t have to be!

Here is a list of things good teachers want you to know that hopefully will make you feel more comfortable.

1. We don’t care if you get a bad blow

There is no reason to worry about your performance during golf lessons. While watching the ball fly for my students, I also look at the swing so I can understand why.

Inhaling a bullet or hitting a bad one is no cause for embarrassment. All it does is help us understand what is going wrong sooner.

2. We like it when you have specific goals

Getting to the lesson and knowing what you would like to achieve is very helpful for teachers. Excellent teachers want to give students what they came for, so be honest and direct with them so they can best help you.

3. Open and honest communication

When I teach, I pride myself on not using fancy words. I want to be understood, and sometimes I say something in a few different ways until I see it click. If you are confused or don’t understand, be honest. Ask a lot of questions. Every tip you get during your golf lesson should make sense.

4. Tell us if something hurts

All great teachers want to ensure your safety and health above all else, which is why you should make them aware of any injuries or soreness you might have before the lesson. If at any point during the lesson something starts to hurt, your teacher wants and needs to know. Don’t be afraid to talk. A great teacher will be able to help you avoid injury and play great golf.

5. Change is inconvenient but necessary

One of the greatest challenges to improving your golf game is to come to terms with the idea that sometimes things will feel uncomfortable. For example, if I change a golfer’s grip, I know that the face of the putter will change during the swing – for the better – even though it may seem strange at first. A great teacher has made similar changes with many students previously, so now is the time to take a leap of faith with your teacher. We support you.

6. Do the exercises we suggest

One of the quickest ways to incorporate technology changes is by following the exercises your instructor gives you. Follow these training exercises, and your swing will improve faster. It often takes a while to succeed in your workouts, but keep adding it to your training time and it will help you more and more over time.

7. There are different solutions to the same problem

The goal is to get your swing in better shape than where it started, and the results should speak for themselves. If you don’t see any improvement after a reasonable amount of time and effort, contact your coach. The best teachers will use their expertise to provide you with a different solution.

8. We are always here for feedback

The lesson may only be an hour, but most senior teachers are always available to answer questions and provide feedback afterwards. My old students know they can always reach out to me whenever they need to. It can be a simple text question or a video clip; Senior teachers never want you to feel lost or confused.

9. We want you to know how to fix yourself

Along these lines, a big goal for teachers is to help you understand cause and effect. We want you to know why things go wrong when they happen, so now you can fix them. I often ask my students: Why did your golf ball do that? When they can answer quickly, I know I’ve done my job.

10. Find the best information

When you find a great teacher that you enjoy working with, absorb their knowledge. For example: I have videos on Amazon Prime, have written three books and teach digital lessons through Skillest. Many top teachers often teach schools which can be a less expensive way to get a quality golf education. If you’re looking to budget, ask your instructor if they have content you can watch or read after your golf lesson.


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