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2000 Nigerians apply for 2022-2023 Commonwealth scholarships

He said that more than 30,000 candidates have benefited since the program was launched in 1959.

It is worth noting that since its inception in 1959, more than 30 thousand individuals have benefited from the awards.

“The majority of award recipients have returned from Nigeria to make significant contributions to the development of the nation, particularly in our university institutions.

“This is of course in line with the scheme’s overall goal of ensuring that returning scholars have a beneficial impact in their various disciplines,” He said.

Echono added that the UK Commonwealth Scholarship Commission has invited the Nigerian Federal Scholarships Board to nominate eligible candidates for UK Commonwealth Scholarships.

He also said that the grade point will depend on academic merit, the quality of research proposals and their positive impact on society.

The essence, he added, is to alert candidates to discipline and focus during the exercise.

According to him, the prize will be hotly contested due to limited spaces.

He pointed out that part of the award classification was completed during the completion of the Electronic Application System (EAS) forms.

He said the successful candidates will compete with candidates from Commonwealth countries.

He added that Nigeria’s success rate would be a yardstick for measuring the diligence and accuracy put in place by the experts assembled for the exercise.

Echono commended the state scholarship boards and the district offices of the Federal Scholarship Board for giving sufficient publicity to the series of advertisements offered for nomination.

In her title Ms. Asta NdagyuDirector of the Federal Scholarship Board, noted that the highly competitive scholarship award has a very limited number compared to the large number of applications received annually.

“This year, nearly 2,000 have applied through the EAS. The CSFP is very prestigious as the award covers successful candidates and their spouses.

“PhD candidates were only interviewed in 2020 due to COVID-19, but this year, master’s and doctoral programs have opened.

“FSB is well known for offering scholars of excellence which is earning Nigeria more openings in the past years and FSB intends to keep up.

“I would like to take this opportunity to urge experienced and credible team members to continue to adhere to the established standards of the Commonwealth Scholarship Committee with a view to offering the usual high quality candidates,”She said.


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