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3 Bachelor STEM Scholarships in the UK

As we celebrate British Science Week in March each year, we have selected three examples of international undergraduate STEM scholarships from UK universities.

The popular abbreviation STEM refers to four areas of high demand both academically and professionally around the world: science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Within these four disciplines, there are various disciplines and specializations in the field of engineering from information technology, data science, artificial intelligence, statistics, biotechnology and many more.

STEM Scholarship in the UK

As they increase, it is very common for universities around the world to offer scholarships specifically for their STEM courses. And the UK is no exception! Here are three examples of UK universities that offer scholarships for STEM degrees.

1. University of Strathclyde

The Faculty of Science at the University of Strathclyde, located in Glasgow, Scotland, offers scholarships specifically for international students. Discounts on tuition fees range from £3,000 to 5,000 and are automatically offered to students pursuing college degrees with excellent academic ability.

Since they operate automatically, there is no need to apply for a separate scholarship. The University also recommends applying as soon as possible as they are competitive and applications will be submitted as they come with the right requirements.

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Two. University of Birmingham

Presented by the University of Birmingham, England International Excellence Scholarship in Engineering For Electrical, Civil, Mechanical and Mechatronics Engineering degrees. They only select students with the best academic record – equivalent A*AA at the British A-level.

In addition to the grade point average, to apply, you must apply through UCAS (United Kingdom Centralized University Admissions Service), be an international student, and enroll in one of Birmingham’s undergraduate engineering degrees eligible for the scholarship.

All applicants who meet the university conditions will be automatically considered for the scholarship, which offers a discount of 3,000.

3. University of Leeds

Faculty of Engineering and Physics at the University of Leeds, UK International Undergraduate Special ScholarshipAn international undergraduate scholarship based on academic achievement.

Valid up to £6,000, it is valid for all international applicants in Chemical and Process Engineering, Civil Engineering, Computing, Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Mathematics, Mechanical Engineering, Physics and Astronomy.

To compete, you must have at least the average required for university – this will vary for each subject. There is no separate application and all international students from the Faculty of Engineering and Physics will be automatically considered when applying to Leeds.


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