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4 MHS seniors earn college scholarships | News

Four Mariana High School seniors were matched through the QuestBridge National College Match Program, receiving full scholarships to higher education institutions.

Arisa Custodio has been matched to the University of Notre Dame in Indiana, Christina Kim to Northwest University in Illinois, Vivian Liu to Amherst College in Massachusetts, and Jaeger Parayawan to Bowdoin College in Maine.

The national program connects high-achieving high school seniors from low-income backgrounds with full four-year scholarships to top colleges.

“As the eldest child, there was definitely a lot of pressure about college and getting a lot of scholarships to keep my family from taking on the financial burden, so I am very grateful to QuestBridge. I remember finding out about it during my freshman year and I think this was a good opportunity,” Custodio said. for scholarships to apply for and that I need to start building my curriculum and maintaining my grades.”

“It was hard to get out of my shell and explore, especially with [Covid-19] situation, and I think I started building myself up again in January 2021.”

Recognizing the competitiveness of this prestigious scholarship, Custodio said at one point she found herself giving up and deciding not to apply to the national program.

“Fortunately, there were several life-changing events that happened in the five month period, before the deadline for the application. It encouraged me to apply because I felt like I knew myself better and that I was proud of what I had done so far. And now here I am, Identical to the University of Notre Dame.’It feels very surreal,’ she said.

Custodio said when she received the congratulatory letter from QuestBridge, she was happy, shocked, and in disbelief. She quickly emailed QuestBridge to make sure it was in fact a match for a higher education institution.

“I am really grateful to QuestBridge, Notre Dame and everyone in my life that has contributed to my development and helped me get to where I am now. I am so sad to leave my home so soon, but so excited to be the start of the fall semester in [Notre Dame]She said.

For her part, Kim recalled her experience as a researcher at QuestBridge College Prep Scholar, linked to summer and flight programs.

“The network and support they gave me was amazing. That’s why I decided to take part in the National College game, and I’m so glad I did. The day I found out I was compatible with Northwestern University, I was in a bit of a shock. In fact, I refreshed the page several times every few hours to check if this is really happening to me. I would like to thank Northwestern University, Quest Bridge, my teachers and colleagues who encouraged me through this process, and my mom who worked endlessly for giving me this opportunity,”

For Liu, “Coming from a large public school, I know we don’t usually provide the same amount of one-on-one assistance during the greater part of the application journey to college. Our resources were really spread out, which is why I am especially grateful for the help I received. I remember the nights when The myriad I’ve spent independently weighing my choices for college and stressing how I can afford to go to school anywhere, so I’m really excited to be able to start my post-secondary education at Amherst College on a full journey.”

She added, “I really believe I wouldn’t have gotten this scholarship without a few teachers in my life who helped me guide my thinking, certainly in the academic field, but more importantly, who helped me refine my thinking and challenge my preconceptions. They never failed to encourage me to Venture beyond what is required just to get a.

Liu said she was especially grateful for her parents’ support. “I couldn’t be more grateful because I realize how hard they have worked to help get me where I am today, who, of course, were also very excited to hear that they didn’t have to contribute a single coin for a college education. I was challenged both academically and personally throughout my high school years. And I am more than ready to embrace academic rigor and personal growth in the next four years.”

Parayawan said the university application process was “one of the most stressful things I have had to go through, and I am sure that other students, both currently applying and accepted, can agree with me on this. I knew I was not in a position to enter the college without facing barriers.” Multiple finances, and hated the idea of ​​being financially constrained.I decided to involve myself in extracurricular activities that were meaningful to me and focus on them



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