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A Look at Which Ohio State Players Still Have NFL Draft Decisions to Make and Who Will Be Gone After the Rose Bowl

While nearly half of Ohio State’s current scholarship players are eligible to enter the 2022 NFL Draft, only five of them will be out of eligibility after the Rose Bowl.

Since the NCAA gave all players an additional year of eligibility in 2020, the only players who cannot return to the Buckeyes after this season are players who exhausted their eligibility last season and who are already using their additional year of eligibility. Anyone else, including seniors who have already played four seasons of college football without delaying kindergarten, can return for another season in 2022.

Ohio State really shouldn’t expect to get all these players back. Some seniors have already said they will enter the 2022 NFL draft rather than use the additional eligibility year, while there are many seniors and freshmen who are eligible to sign up and who have decisions to make about their future between now and the January 17 deadline. To advertise the project.

In total, Ohio currently has 38 scholarship-eligible players on its roster: 14-year-olds, 16-year-olds, six-fifths, and two-sixths. Below, we take a look at which of these players are on the verge of exhausting their eligibility, who is expected to become a pro and which players still have decisions to make about staying in Ohio for another year or getting into the NFL draft.

The following lists include only players on scholarships and do not take into account the possibility that players may also choose to relocate rather than stay in Ohio or enter the NFL draft.

out of eligibility

OL Thayer Munford
DT Haskell Jarrett
DT Antoine Jackson
CB DeMario McCall
Marcus Williamson

Had the NCAA not given all players a free year of eligibility due to the COVID-19 pandemic, each of these five Buckeyes would have already exhausted their collegiate eligibility last season. Munford and Garrett are two of the top potential NFL players among them, but they are all going to start the next chapter in their lives after the Rose Bowl as they all graduated from Ohio State and no longer have any eligibility to play for the Buckeyes.

Planning to go pro

WR Chris Olaf
Jeremy Ruckert
D Tarrick Smith

While Olave, Ruckert, and Smith are all true seniors who still have an extra year of eligibility from the NCAA, they have all said they will enter the 2022 NFL Draft. All three have graduated from Ohio State and you should hear their names in April; Olaf is an expected first-round draft pick, while both Ruckert and Smith accepted invitations to Senior Powell.

Seniors who can benefit from an additional year of eligibility

CB Seven Banks
DT Jeron Cage
LB Palaie Gaoteote
LB Tiradja Mitchell
K Noah Ruggles
T mitch russian

All six of these players are listed as Seniors but can still use the additional year of eligibility to return for another season.

Banks said eleven warriors On Saturday, the Rose Bowl “should be” his last match as Buckeye, but said he hasn’t made a final decision yet. Banks and Rousey, a former player who almost didn’t return for the 2021 season until he was put on a scholarship, went to the seniors’ festivities ahead of Ohio State’s home game of the season against Michigan State.

However, Cage, Gaoteote, Mitchell and Ruggles did not participate in Senior Day, which is a possible indication that they are all planning to return for another season. Cage and Ruggles said earlier this fall that they are considering using the additional year of eligibility, and Gaoteote is expected to play two years with the Buckeyes since his move to Ohio State in June.

Jerron Cage has already been in Ohio for five years, but could still be back for a sixth time.

Eligible players who have decisions to make

WR Garrett Wilson
OT Nicholas Petty Frere
D Zack Harrison
OT Dhawan Jones
RP Master Teague
DT Taron Vincent

Wilson (a true rookie) and Betty Freer (a red jersey rookie) are the most obvious candidates on this list to enter the 2022 NFL Draft, with both being predicted as potential first-round picks. While neither of them have publicly indicated what they plan to do after this season, it would be surprising if Wilson – who may be the best drafted wide receiver – is back in his freshman year, while Petty Freer also appears to be a potential candidate to make the jump to the league after his graduation. From Ohio on Sunday.

Harrison and Jones, both real rookies, told reporters last week that they were still deciding whether to participate in the 2022 NFL draft or return to their senior season. While they would each likely be picked in the middle rounds if they announced the draft, they both acknowledged that they could also benefit from returning to Ohio State for another season before turning pro.

Teague and Vincent would be late in the recruiting picks at best if we announced the draft after this season, but both seem to be at least considering the possibility of moving from Ohio State after the Rose Bowl, where Teague participated in Senior Day while Vincent participated in Senior Tackle before Michigan game.

Players who are eligible for renewal and who are likely to return

WR Kamryn Babb
CB Cameron Brown
LB Steel Chambers
RB Marcus Crowley
LB Tommy Eichenberg
D Tyler Friday
De Cormonte Hamilton
S Ronnie Hickman
Marcus Hooker
Written by Jafonte Jean Baptiste
OL Matthew Jones
DT Jaden Mackenzie
OL Harry Miller
DT Noah Potter
S Josh Proctor
S Bryson Show
T kid saver
OL Enokk Vimahi

While there is no guarantee that all of these players will return to Ohio State next season, as some of them may have reason to consider exploring their options in the transfer gate, it would be a surprise if any of them made it into the NFL draft.

Brown and Hickman, who would be the two strongest candidates among the players on this list, said they would return for the 2022 season.

Proctor and Friday are both seniors on this year’s roster, but both are expected to take the red jerseys and return next season after suffering end-of-season injuries. Everyone on this list is either a Red Riding Hood, a true freshman or a sophomore, and none of them have done enough in their Ohio State jobs yet to justify getting into the NFL draft early.


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