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The younger generation is an inseparable part of India future; Which makes their proper education vital

Pune, IndiaAnd November 29, 2021 /PRNewswire/ – Since 1959, the Sakal India Foundation (SIF) has empowered students through scholarships, educational loans and career guidance. He started by encouraging deserving students from weak financial backgrounds by giving them scholarships and financial aid. Currently, SIF has helped thousands of students, teachers, and professionals with outstanding merit.

Excellent education is a combination of academics and character development through the promotion of values ​​and mindsets. Hence, SIF boasts of interest-free loans for students studying abroad. whether that Annual Scholarship Program, Child Care Programs, and Career Development Scholarships, ensuring that everyone receives a quality education.

SIF aligns with the education goals of Goal 4 of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. It offers free primary and secondary education. Equal access to quality pre-primary education, technical, vocational and higher education at affordable prices. SIF conducts a webinar every month to increase the number of people with relevant skills to achieve financial success.

Here are some of the ways one can collaborate with SIF to help students

  1. Help students from 10th grade through graduation with a career development program. about 5And304 students have benefited so far.
  2. Offer to be a title bank sponsor for the interest free loan grant.
  3. Loan scholarship support for students pursuing an MBA in Finance.
  4. Become SIF’s co-sponsoring webinars for teachers and students.

At SIF, contributing to the funds will ensure that deserving students are supported. The school year may be sponsored for one or more people through CDS. Research activity can be encouraged by making a donation through research grants/fellowships. A contribution to an interest-free student loan fund can also be made to study abroad.

Why should one donate money to SIF

  • Selection of deserving students by members of the expert committee
  • Support from Scal Media NSrob
  • Registered NGO with 80G
  • 12A and FCRA certificates
  • Donors receive tax withholding receipts for all donations
  • Donations are accepted in international currencies with FCRA tax exemption.

Decisions determine destiny – how true are these words Mronal Mor and her family. Rather than succumb to the pressure of relatives, Mornal’s father, a rickshaw driver, decided not to be an obstacle in helping her achieve it. dreams of becoming a doctor, But he encouraged her to continue studying. which has Validation with skillAnd By getting good grades in her exams. last year, I got admission in Sinjad College of Dentistry to pursue Bachelors in Dental Surgery. Scholarship worth INR 10,000 each year from SIF I helped her pave that path to dental school. It has been an arduous journey for Monal. The family’s pressure on education is beginning to pay off. Mrunal’s brother is studying to become an engineer.

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