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A UNLV student died after a fraternity charity boxing match, his death was ruled a homicide, but no charges will be filed, police say

Nathan Tyler Valencia, 20, participated in “Fight Night” organized by the Kappa Sigma fraternity on November 19. Valencia collapsed after the fight, was hospitalized and died on November 23, just four days before his 21st birthday, according to family attorney Nick Lasso.

The Clark County Coroner/Medical Examiner’s office said the cause of Valencia’s death was blunt force trauma to the head and was classified as homicide.

“The definition of murder is the act of killing another human being,” the police said in a statement issued to CNN. “Investigators look at the facts surrounding the specific event that caused the person’s death and determine whether there was any criminality.

“Although Mr. Valencia’s death is tragic, the circumstances surrounding his death are not criminal and no charges will be brought,” the statement said.

Lasso said Valencia, a young kinesiologist, had no boxing experience prior to participating in the off-campus charity bout. Valencia was one of the fighters participating in the card’s “main event,” according to the event’s online flyer.

“But he kept telling us ‘No, that’s for people who had no prior boxing experience,’ because he was never a boxer. He was really doing it because it was for charity,” Cynthia Valencia, the student’s mother, told CNN Brianna Keilar.

Valencia was a member of the UNLV fraternity of Sigma Alpha Epsilon and not the Kappa Sigma organization that hosted the event, according to Lasso.

In a statement to CNN, Lasso said his law firm will conduct a “full investigation” into the promotion, safety protocols, medical supervision and medical supervision of the November 19 event, which was held in his hometown of Valencia.



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