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About 1,000 New Fairfield students, 600 Brookfield students missed school Friday due to TikTok threat

When threats spread on TikTok last week about violence in schools across the country, many students decided to stay home.

Some Danbury-area school districts saw a spike in absenteeism last Friday due to unreliable warnings about violence shared on the popular social media app. Many district districts have beefed up police presence in their schools, while closing some schools in the state and the nation, even though the threats did not originate locally.

Local supervisors said these threats made students anxious and impeded education.

“Posts like this on social media are clearly divisive and disturbing to students, staff and families,” Brookfield Administrator John Burrell said in an email. “This kind of despicable activity contributes to the erosion of trust in basic humanity and the institutions of our society.”

In Brookfield, student absenteeism increased 321 percent from last Thursday to last Friday. There were 141 students absent on Thursday compared to 594 students on Friday. There were 222 students absent the previous Friday, December 10.


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