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Abukaram Comes Up Big in Tuition Giveaway Program

Ypsilanti, me. (EMUEagles.com) – “My mom insisted,” said a new student at Eastern Michigan University Senene Abu Karam (Sylvania, Ohio – The Bounty Collegium) And the winner of the Dr. Her mother encouraged her to apply.

To enter the scholarship challenge, participants submitted videos on TikTok explaining their career goal and their plan to achieve it. Abu Karam entered a Tik Tok video highlighting her family and the important women in her life.

“Coming from a long line of strong women, each of them took the opportunity and got out of their comfort zone,” Abu Karam said. “So when I did a TikTok video, I knew I had to mention them.”

He then selected Dr. Pepper Abukaram to compete in the football throwing competition during the Big Ten Championships in Indianapolis. She trained with a family friend who helped her practice the challenge by transforming a cardboard box using the dimensions provided by Dr. Pepper.

“My friend helped me by going different ways to throw the ball,” Abu Karam said. “At one point he decided it was too easy, so he was rolling exercise balls in my face for a distraction.”

After training for a few hours every day for three weeks, Abu Karam’s dedication paid off.

Abukaram, who specializes in athletic training, said she’s considering studying abroad, but her primary goal is to become an athletic coach for the Indianapolis Colts. In her spare time, Abu Karam works as a coach and referee for youth football teams.

“Thank you, Dr. Pepper, for this opportunity,” Abu Karam said. “I’ve met a lot of great people including the other two contestants, Jenissa and Matt.”

To date, the Dr Pepper Tuition Giveaway has provided more than $12.5 million in tuition fees to students across the country.


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