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I left my heart in a room full of strangers. I reluctantly waved goodbye, my eyes filled with tears. It would only take a few hours, but it felt like days as I waited to pick up my firstborn from his first day in nursery.

Fast forward 13 years later, my heart is mostly in my throat these days, now watching the 17-year-old get behind the wheel and drive to school and work.

I didn’t miss that he would soon drive away forever. The college will contact you.

It’s not easy to let go and this next chapter promises to be exciting, emotional and exhausting.

There is also the practical aspect of preparing for college which includes making sure that our children make the right choices when it comes to classes.

February is the month in which middle school and high school students register for courses for the upcoming school year.

Triangle families struggle with questions like:

  • Will it look bad if I don’t take AP/IB/Hons classes?
  • How do I choose between Honors, AP, IB, and Dual Enrollment degrees?
  • Is it better to get a lower grade in the AP/IB/Honors category than to get an A grade in an easier semester?
  • Do I have to spend more than two years in a foreign language?
  • Do I have to take the SAT after some colleges have waived the standard test?

Since this is our first time preparing a kid for college, I went to an expert for answers.

Lindsay Rijnbach is Director of College Advising at College layout feature. It helps families navigate the college preparation process. Learning about the college planning process early on, Rijnbach says, results in more choices for students and less stress for everyone.

In our interview, Rigenbach asked all the questions in hopes of making it easier for all of us with middle and high school students.

If you would like more free career guidance. the College layout feature A team of independent college advisors will host one-hour webinars for the following Raleigh schools for free.

  • Legion Middle School – February 10
  • Durant Road Middle School – February 22
  • Carroll Middle School – February 23
  • Magellan Charter School – February 24

Rijnbach says the webinars will help parents feel safe drawing up a “course plan” with their children.

For me personally, the countdown to college has begun. This month, my oldest son will be choosing classes for his final year of high school, and before we all know it, he’ll graduate.

I just hope this heart of mine can handle it! Now I just need to find an expert for it!

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Sloan Heffernan He is a two-time Emmy Award-winning journalist and former broadcaster/correspondent for WRAL-TV. In June 2021, Sloan went from journalism to kick-off Storymore, a brand storytelling company. Sloan now uses her storytelling skills to help companies clarify their mission and create a deeper connection with their desired audience.


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