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Advice of economists to form basis of Madhya Pradesh Budget, says CM Shivraj Singh Chouhan | Bhopal News

Bhopal: Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan said the results of experts and economists’ research will be the basis for preparing the upcoming budget of Madhya Pradesh, as the state has decided to contribute significantly to the realization of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s dream of $5 trillion. The dollar economy.
Chauhan made the remark while addressing the state economy session at the National Conference of the Indian Economic Association on Sunday.
Chauhan said the state government would make appropriate use of the suggestions received from the seminar participants. It is noteworthy that the Prime Minister opened the conference on Saturday. On Sunday, he attended the session in Madhya Pradesh. The session was chaired by the Vice President of the Atal Bihari Vajpayee Institute of Governance and Policy Analysis, Professor Sachin Chaturvedi.
In the seminar, the economists also highlighted the achievements of the last decade and a half in Madhya Pradesh and also made suggestions on the priorities for the future.
Chauhan said that not all people can be experts in different subjects. Prime Minister Modi himself receives feedback on various topics. In ancient times, there were Navratnas in the courts, but in the current system, subject matter experts are no less than jewels of government. About 140 economists who came to Bhopal for the seminar are like our Navratna of Madhya Pradesh government. Their talents will be used in Madhya Pradesh. He said that a similar symposium will be held again next year.
Chauhan said departmental meetings will start on January 3 where departmental and fund schemes will be discussed in detail. Administrative officials are also busy preparing the budget, but the budget will give priority to the suggestions of the economists. Suggestions that are not immediately implemented in the long-term plan will be implemented. Today, thanks to good agricultural production, we have been able to move towards agricultural diversification. Better and quality education for students is arranged through CM Rise Schools. He said that because of schemes like Ladli Laxmi, the sex ratio has increased from 914 to 956.”
Chauhan took note of the opinions of the economists at the session. In this session, Vice President of Rajmata Vijayaraje Scindia Agricultural University, Gwalior, Professor SK Rao said that Madhya Pradesh is making a special identity in the production and export of pulses and millet after wheat and gram.



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