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Advice: Three helpful sites for college students

All college students suffer from the stressors of higher education. As someone who has experienced it all myself, I can attest to that. College students need to use any advantage we can get and through my experiences, I have encountered some websites that have made life a lot easier. Here are just a few easy to use sites that can help you get through college.

To start we have the magical website DESMOS , which is helpful for all of your math problems. This will become your best friend since this online graphing calculator is going to save you a ton of time. Go to DESMOS whenever you get stuck trying to solve a problem, and you will never regret it. Most professors are okay with it because doing math problems graphically is part of the process.

Another general education class that can be a struggle for some students is writing. However, we have a site for that too.To make your papers sparkle, the most effective websites are Wordtune and Grammarly . Wordtune helps rewrite sentences and make them look more eloquent and fresh, so your paper doesn’t sound redundant. Grammarly, on the other hand, corrects the sentence structure and punctuation of the text so that you don’t have any errors in your paper. At the end of the day, both help makes your paper look like a work of art.

To conclude, these sites won’t carry you to an A+, but they are a great help in that endeavor. I hope these sites help you in some way over your years here at EMU.


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