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After COVID-19 outbreak, students at one Sugar Grove school must wear masks outside

Students at John Shields Elementary School in Sugar Grove, part of Kaneland Unit District 302, must wear masks while outside in recess and will be placed in “recess areas” following the COVID-19 outbreak in the school.

According to Monday’s message in the school’s electronic newsletter, students will be required to wear masks while waiting at bus stops and during recess outside unless they are within 6 feet of others and will “remain in recess areas” due to the COVID-19 case at the school.

The letter stated that “if a student needs to break a mask, they can ask the monitor and they can help them find a spot 6 feet from the others.”

The superintendent, Todd Leyden, said in an email that the area has decided to request concealment in respite due to positive COVID-19 cases at John Shields.

“In this specific case, given the number of positive COVID-19 cases in Kaneland John Shields,[Kaene County Health Department]investigated the situation as an outbreak due to the number of cases as well as the location of students and staff affected,” Leiden said. “Based on the findings, which included the use of seating charts, bus and coach stops, breakouts, lunch seating charts, and classroom seating charts, they recommended moving all students to hide outdoor vacation spaces as the next layer of mitigation. We will continue to work with KCHD to monitor this situation, with a view to Return to normal vacation as soon as possible, when the scales require.”

Leiden added that recess masking “is not a layer of relaxation we want for our students, it’s the next layer of relaxation that will allow us to keep classes in person and not think about an adaptive pause for distance learning.”

He said the district will continue to monitor positive cases every day and post updated information on the district’s website.

Kane County Health Department spokeswoman Susan Stack said in an email that the school district decided to require children to wear masks during recess after several positive cases.

“In general, there is no need to mask outdoors, but in areas with a high number of COVID-19 cases, it is considered to wear a mask in crowded outdoor spaces, and for activities in close contact with others who have not been vaccinated,” Stack said. completely.” .

The COVID-19 outbreak was reported on August 27 at the school, 85 S. Main St. , by the Illinois Department of Public Health.

According to the school district’s COVID-19 dashboard, John Shields has had four positive cases for the week of August 23 and 10 cumulative positive cases since school began August 11. Positive cases have included students and staff, according to the Department of Health.

The outbreak is one of two cases reported in Kane County, the other being East Aurora School District 131, which had fewer than five cases. The source was a semester, according to the Department of Health.

The Ministry of Health last updated the information on August 27.


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