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Aiming for success - Winnipeg Free Press

Julia Bellos is a 16 year old 11th grader at St. Mary’s Academy and is a dedicated student who works hard.

She is equally devoted to playing hockey with the school’s Flames Prep (separate from the school’s WWHSHL team).

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Julia Bellos, a 16-year-old player on the SJA Flames Prep, is hoping for a scholarship to play hockey at a Canadian university.

“School is going well,” she says. “She is very busy now with school, exams and hockey, but things are going well. As far as my favorite subject is concerned, I have always loved math and science. I love biology and have been enjoying physics more lately.”

Julia enjoys playing with Flames Prep.

“Our head coach is Larry Baumstead,” says Julia. “We have a good team nearby. It’s been a fun year because we’ve been able to travel.” “It has been a real positive year, no drama. I will be friends with these girls forever.”

Julia has recently made the transition from playing forward to playing defense and she is enjoying the transition.

“I’ve played hockey since I was five. During all those years I played forward. This year I moved on to defense and it’s been a fun ride. Defense is more stressful and you have to think a lot,” she says.

“In D, you’re part of the second last line to get the disc out of your net. At first the importance of back skating was difficult, but a lot of sharp work and training helped me a lot. I have a lot of fun.”

Julia lives in Royalwood with her father Jeff, mother Candice, and her brother Jack, who plays high-level hockey with Rink Hockey Academy.

“I want to thank Mum and Dad for always supporting me during my journey,” she says. “They have always been very supportive of any decision I’ve ever made.”

Julia works hard in the classroom with an average of 99 percent and she also works hard at her game.

All efforts are focused on achieving a specific goal.

“I’ve been thinking about it a lot lately. I want to play college hockey and I’m trying to get a scholarship to play. Ideally, I’d like to stay in Canada.”

I have no doubts that she will.

Julia has this to offer other athletes:

“Keep working hard. Don’t let anyone discourage you. Keep doing your best and don’t give up on your dream.

Troy Westwood

Troy Westwood
Westwood Sports Champions

Troy Westwood, former Winnipeg Blue Bombers player, writes about Winnipeg’s Unsung Sports Champions every fortnight in the weekly Canstar Community News.




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