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Airtel Xstream Fiber Plan That is a Decent Option for Students

Bharti Airtel’s fiber broadband arm, Airtel Xstream Fiber offers a decent entry-level broadband plan that would suit most of the students around the country. For a student, any broadband plan offering over 30 Mbps of speed can work sufficiently. For basic browsing, sharing files, researching, even streaming videos online and connecting three to four devices, a 30 Mbps or a 40 Mbps speed broadband plan can work comfortably. Airtel Xstream Fiber offers one such broadband plan in India, which students across the country can leap over and continue their education journey smoothly. Let’s check out what that plan is.

Airtel Xstream Fiber Entry-Level Broadband Plan for Students

Airtel Xstream Fiber offers a Rs 499 per month broadened plan to the users. This plan isn’t necessarily meant for students, and anyone who wants to can purchase this plan from the company. Also, note that there are no special offers bundled for the students. It is a standard plan available with standard and uniform benefits to every user and will offer 40 Mbps speed.

It is a notch faster than Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) and JioFiber’s entry-level broadband plan with 30 Mbps speed. One of the many advantages of getting an Airtel Xstream Fiber connection is that users can get it in multiple parts of the country.

The Rs 499 plan from Airtel Xstream Fiber ships with 3.3TB of monthly fair-usage-policy (FUP) data. It is also more than what a student would ever consume. As mentioned above, this plan is not just meant for students. Any user with basic internet needs can take advantage of this plan and have a comfortable work or study experience from his/her home.

There are more internet service providers (ISPs) present in India, which you can check out if you are a student. However, this is one of the best plans available throughout the country.

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