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American Assocation of University Women accepting scholarship applications | Local News

The Calumet chapter of the American Association of Universities (AAUW) accepts annual student scholarship applications.

The American Association of Universities is an organization that promotes equality for all women and girls, lifelong education and positive societal change.

AAUW is a national association of more than 170,000 members and supporters that has been empowering women as individuals and as a community since 1881.

For more than 130 years, AAUW has worked together as a national grassroots organization to improve the lives of millions of women and their families.

The AAUW-Calumet chapter has been active since 1950 and unites graduates of different institutions for work and hands-on educational experiences without any barriers to participation or membership.

AAUW-Calumet members continue their intellectual growth, work to advance women at all stages of life, and support the educational efforts of younger AAUW members through its scholarship program.

Calumet AAUW provides continuing education through monthly programs and keeps pace with research, self-development opportunities, and ways to influence positive societal changes.



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