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American Lung Association offers advice for freedom from smoking, vaping, tobacco use

Something as difficult as quitting smoking isn’t made on the first try, but the American Lung Association has tips for trying to help quit the stick.

Something as difficult as quitting tobacco isn’t usually done on the first try, but the American Lung Association has tips for trying to help quit smoking.

“If you’re back to using tobacco again, and if you’ve tried to quit in the past — don’t be discouraged,” said Jennifer Faulkenroth, senior national director of the American Lung Association’s Tobacco Programs.

She said most people who smoke, chew or smoke e-cigarettes have tried to quit in the past.

“Don’t get discouraged. Stop, think about what worked in the past, think about what didn’t, and then adjust your plan for your next quit attempt,” Faulkenroth said.

People who want to quit smoking should realize that they do not have to do it alone.

“Speaking to a doctor about including smoking cessation medication in your tobacco treatment plan can double your chances of successfully quitting smoking,” she said.

“Enrolling in a proven cessation counseling program such as the American Lung Association’s Tobacco Free Program can increase your chances of successfully quitting and staying smoke-free by 50%.”

Folkenroth also had strong words about vaping, noting that the Food and Drug Administration has not found any e-cigarette to be safe and effective in helping smokers quit.

“Quit, don’t change,” she said. Quitting smoking means ending nicotine addiction forever, and you can do so successfully with a tobacco treatment plan that includes both counseling as well as FDA-approved cessation medication.

Folkenroth points out that quitting tobacco at any age will enhance a smoker’s length and quality of life.

“Not to mention all the money you’ll save, plus a lot of social side effects that will come back to you – you don’t have to go out in the cold or miss time with family and friends.”

A press release from the American Lung Association details the resources available to help adults and teens quit all tobacco products:

  • Lung Helpline: Not sure where to start? Call the Lung Association’s Tobacco Quit Line toll-free at 1-800-LUNGUSA, which is staffed by licensed nurses, respiratory therapists, and certified tobacco treatment specialists. They can answer all your questions and connect you with the right resources for your smoking cessation journey.
  • Smoking Freedom: Helps individuals create a unique plan to quit smoking, as well as tips and techniques for staying successful in the long term. Smoking freedom can be accessed online, in a group clinic and through a self-guided training manual. Those looking to quit smoking are encouraged to use the best method of learning, schedule, and a unique tobacco cessation plan.
  • Not-On-Tobacco (NOT): A quit smoking/chewing/vaping program for teens who want to quit smoking. The 10-session program provides tools, information, and support for teens to end their tobacco addiction.
  • E-Smoking-Free Schools Initiative: The E-Smoking-Free Schools Initiative provides school administrators and teachers with training to provide an alternative suspension program for students who smoke, smoke, or chew on school property, and a voluntary cessation/smoking program for youth wishing to quit smoking for good. Learn more at Lung.org/vape-free-schools.

“Although quitting tobacco is not easy, 50 million former smokers in the United States are proof that it is completely achievable,” said Faulkenroth, offering some recent words of encouragement.

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