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Application Process: Transfer | Undergraduate Admissions

Admission to Vanderbilt as a transfer student is highly competitive and based on a number of factors, but it all begins with your academic performance. Typically, admitted transfer students have a GPA of a B+/A- or higher, along with competitive test scores, involvement in their current college community, and a compelling reason why Vanderbilt is the right place for them to complete their undergraduate degree. Your application essay is often a good place to help us understand your reasons for transfer and why you feel Vanderbilt can better help you achieve your academic goals. Students from accredited institutions are welcome to apply for transfer admission. Vanderbilt considers you a transfer student if you have completed the equivalent of at least 12 semester hours of credit after high school (high school degree GED). Courses taken as dual-enrollment do not count towards these hours if those credits are being used to graduate from your high school program Admitted transfer students are required to be enrolled for at least four semesters (60 credit hours) to earn a degree from Vanderbilt University .

Since we are a residential campus community, our admission process gives preference to students who have been able to show full-time engagement and full-time enrollment in a similar campus community at their current institution. All parts of the application (academics, test scores, extracurricular involvement, advice, recommendation letters etc.) will be considered as we make our decisions. Because you apply to a specific school at Vanderbilt, fit for and available space within a particular school or academic program will also be considered.

Interviews are not offered to transfer applicants, but our office remains available to answer questions you may have about the application process or our campus community and academic opportunities.



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