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Applications now open for 2022 Bendigo and Adelaide Bank scholarship program – News Of The Area

Applications are now open for the 2022 Scholarship Program for Bank Bendigo and Bank of Adelaide to support first-time secondary students in pursuing their educational goals.

Founded in 2007, the bank has now supported 1,158 students, and has provided more than $10.2 million to help students achieve their academic aspirations.

This continued investment and the breadth of scholarships on offer reflect the Bank’s commitment to the next generation and to helping build stronger communities.

The Bank offers a range of scholarships of up to $5,000 to support students with study and relocation expenses.

Students pursuing bachelor’s degrees and students studying certificate, diploma and associate degree courses are welcome to apply.

As one of the leading privately funded scholarship programs in Australia, Investment Bank aims to help higher education students achieve their academic dreams.

There are six categories of scholarships available, including Community Bank Scholarships for Students in Surrounding Communities, Bendigo and Adelaide Bank Scholarships and Rural Bank Scholarships to support rural and regional students.

The program enables successful applicants to undertake further study, regardless of background or location, by assisting with travel costs, accommodation and course materials so that they can reduce their financial burden and focus on their education.

Jacqueline Hay, Chair of the Bank of Adelaide and Bendigo, said, “The Bank’s scholarship program is an outstanding example of how the Bank can make a positive and lasting social impact on Australian communities.

“The past 14 years have seen the program evolve to break down more barriers to accessing further education for students who may be challenged by distance, financial insecurity or other challenging circumstances.

“The 2022 round coincides with the expansion of the Bank of Bendigo’s Indigenous Scholarship Program. The Rural Bank will offer two additional scholarships to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students, to provide a total of six scholarships.

“These scholarships will support and increase diversity and opportunity, in recognition of the significant contribution that indigenous peoples make to rural industries,” said Ms. Hay.

“The Bendigo and Adelaide Bank Scholarship was invaluable this year when I moved from Strathboji in Regional Victoria to Sydney,” said Vicki Nikolowsky, Adelaide Bank and Bendigo Scholarship Recipient.

“The scholarship has helped me cover university expenses such as textbooks, stationery and technical equipment for online learning, as well as travel to attend classes and accommodation costs.

“The scholarship allowed me to be confident in paying attention to these details, while adjusting to a completely new environment, a new country, starting university and living away from family.

“During the undeniably challenging year of 2021, this scholarship has supported me in settling in and focusing on what is important and my first year at UNSW Medical School has been both enjoyable and rewarding.

“I enjoyed learning in depth about the human body, from specific cell biology and interactive anatomy labs, to most of all, going to the hospital in clinical settings.

“It is truly the most enriching and unique experience of meeting real patients and hearing their stories.”

The 2022 scholarship programs include:

In 2021, more than $1 million in funding was awarded to students through the Bank’s Scholarship Program that includes Bendigo and Bank Adelaide Rural and Regional Students Scholarships, scholarships from participating community banks and Rural Bank Scholarships.

Applications for the scholarship program are invited from first-time tertiary students beginning their studies in 2022.
Submissions close on February 18, 2022.

For more information on the Bank’s full scholarship program, visit https://www.bendigobank.com.au/community/scholarships


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