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Applications Open for 54th Annual Lt. Paul Sullivan Scholarships

lt. Paul Sullivan was killed in Vietnam in 1968, and a scholarship in his name has been given out for more than 50 years.

High school students are invited to apply for the 54th Lt. Paul Sullivan Scholarship, named for a Watertown resident who was killed while serving in Vietnam.

A passage in the program from last year’s scholarship ceremony described Sullivan:

As a teacher, as a coach, and as a soldier, he was a resolute, cheerful leader with high ideals and a firm sense of purpose and conviction, a man of courage and compassion, of determination and dedication, energetic and intelligent, principled and tolerant, vibrant and growing, with a passion both to excel and to improve the lot of others.

Paul was, indeed, a magnificent friend, a wonderful man to know. If a valid test of a nation’s worth lies in those personal qualities which it tends to foster in its own citizens, then there can be no finer goal for our society than to encourage those personal qualities and mind which Paul had in such abundance. That is why we, his friends, have established this scholarship in his memory to be awarded to that young person who best exemplifies that kind of man Paul Sullivan was.

Scholarship Information

The Sullivan Scholarship committee provided the following information:

The Lt. Paul Sullivan Scholarship is now on line: https://sites.google.com/view/lt-paul-j-sullivan-scholarship The application deadline is April 14, 2022.

The top scholarship is $5,000. Additional scholarships will be awarded. Last year there were 10 scholarships totaling $27,000.

We are looking for student-athletes who are actively involved in their school, religion, and community. All Watertown students, from any area high school, who meet the requirements, are eligible.

Students from Newton, Waltham, Belmont and Cambridge who live within the areas of Sacred Heart, Newton; Sacred Heart, Watertown; st. Mary, Waltham; st. Patrick, Watertown are also eligible.

Given changes over the years, students from collaboratives that include these parishes are eligible. If you have any questions please contact Eleanor Donato at 617-484-5569 or donatomom@aol.com


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