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Apply by March 1, 2022 for Scholarship for International Travel — Grand Canyon Synod of the ELCA

With gratitude to God and in the spirit of continuing education and adventure, a “Scholarship for International Travel” program has been established for Grand Canyon Synod pastors who have been ordained for 10 years or less. Six scholarships of $6,000 over three years is available.

This scholarship program is being made available by a synod pastor and spouse because they are grateful for such experiences in their own lives and ministries, and want to make similar opportunities available to others. The fund will be administered by the Grand Canyon Synod.

Destination options include:

  • Palestine/Israel

  • Senegal (GCS companion church- Eglise Luthérienne du Senegal)

  • Eastern Germany (Luther/Holocaust history)

  • Mexico (Soon to be GCS companion church- Iglesia Lutherana Mexicana)

A “Scholarship for International Travel” will be awarded to two individual pastors each year for the years 2022, 2023, and 2024. The amount of each scholarship is $6,000. Recipients may arrange their own trips or may participate in an international trip organized by the GCS or the ELCA. Funds must be used within two years.

It is the donors’ preference that at least one of the scholarship recipients each year be a BIPOC pastor (Black, Indigenous, or other Person of Color) or LGBTQIA+ pastor.

The application form must be thoughtfully completed and turned in by March 1, 2021. The Grand Canyon Synod Global Engagement team will review applications and recipients announced by March 31, 2022. Apply here on this standalone page, or use the embedded form below.

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