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Arkansas Tech Stops Requiring ACT and SAT Scores for Freshman Scholarships | Arkansas Business News

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Arkansas Tech University has announced that it will no longer require high school students to submit an ACT or SAT score to receive a scholarship offer.

The school in Rusellville said it will instead focus on grade point average, a move it expects will provide more opportunities to prospective students.

Students who have already accepted a scholarship will have the award automatically adjusted based on the new criteria, Arkansas Tech said in a news release. Those who are eligible for additional scholarship money and have not yet accepted their award will receive a new scholarship offer. The criteria will not cause scholarships that have already been awarded to be reduced.

ATU is also making it easier for students to keep their scholarship by lowering the renewal rate for freshman academic scholarships to a 2.75 GPA.

Students are still eligible to apply for the fall 2022 academic year and be considered for scholarships.

“We are incredibly excited to provide these new scholarship tiers to prospective students,” Alisa Waniewski, the school’s associate director for academic scholarships, said in the release. “ATU is committed to a mission of access and student success, and these scholarships provide a means to help many in our state pursue higher education.”


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