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Here’s all the important Outback Bowl game day info, including depth charts, match previews, videos, podcasts, and more regarding Arkansas #21 (8-4, 4-4 SEC) against the Penn State Nittany Lions (7-5, 4-5 Big 10) at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Florida.

Before we get to the full coverage of this game we’ve had in the past few weeks below, here are my final thoughts as we prepare for our first college football game of 2022… After thinking about how this game has been played for weeks, and with all that has happened since this game was announced, I feel Penn State’s win over Arkansas should be seen as a surprise.

Even people in Pennsylvania think so. Among the 11 writers, Friends, contributors and moderators Who predicted all Penn State games for the Lions247, nine chose the Razorbacks to win. This doesn’t happen very often in my experience. Go back and look at the predictions from the other SEC teams sites in the grid and find the one where most forecasters chose Arkansas. It did not. Five tied Penn State in their Pick’em contest chose Razorbacks to win double digits, including Former Penn State All-Big Ten Deals With Keith “Goon” Conlin, who loves pigs with three landings.

The betting streak has also completely flipped. Penn State opened as a 2.5-point favorite when the game was announced. In the final check, Hogs moved up to a 2.5-point favorite after the decision of six Pennsylvania State players to pull out of the bowl game, along with news that left Rashid Walker’s tackle will miss the game through injury.

Arkansas will be affected by the loss of two of its best players to a wide receiver Trillon pyrex and defensive end Trey Williams, very. I think it would be easier for Williams to fill in more time than Birx, and I think Burks is a bigger loss for Arkansas than Jahan Dotson Exclusive to Pennsylvania because they have other receivers installed. Arkansas receivers feel more like a support team than a player KJ Jefferson Can seek to third and long.

On the subject of Jefferson, I really feel like this is a game where Arkansas has to say, ‘KJ, go win the game for us. Do it with your arm, do it with your legs, whatever. Do it.’ There is no game after this game so there shouldn’t be any concern about the next week’s showdown and whether or not Arkansas had it too hard.

Keep in mind that PSU replaces opt-outs with highly experienced but less experienced players. These guys have talent or they wouldn’t be on the Nittany Lions list on the scholarship. They lost a defensive tackle at the start, with two full-backs starting from the inside and a safety start. Against a team like Arkansas with a 245-pound quarterback, a 235-pound rear, a 225-pound trailing trailblazer, and an offensive streak consisting exclusively of multi-year beginners who want to run a block, the defense really needs to be strong in the right direction. The tube, and that’s where Penn State unsubscribes – up the gut on every level.

Every bowl season is about which teams want to be there and which don’t, and on the surface at least it looks like Arkansas is more invested in this game because the pigs haven’t been in the bowl since the 2016 season, you have a chance to win nine games for the first time since 2011 and you have Chance to finish ranked among teens in every 25 surveys.

But it is important to remember that while there are six players in the PSU who do not consider this game important enough to play (and, incidentally, some of them had no business opting out and could have helped their inventory by playing), there are approximately 113 others In the menu are preparing to play the game. They lost their defensive coordinator Brent stared To the coach vacancy at Virginia Tech, but safety coach Anthony Poindexter It should help because he’s set to call plays with the new DC Manny Diaz acclimatization.

However, when thinking about how things have gone in the past few weeks, how these teams have performed over the course of the season and how they match up on paper statistically, it appears that Arkansas has a better team with more motivation to win the game. But football is a difficult sport. Just because Arkansas enters the game with remarkable momentum, that doesn’t mean a bad bounce, injury, or foul can’t change it.

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