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As Federal Free Community College fails to pass, Community College Students still have State Funded options for Free Tuition

SALISBURY, Md- First Lady Jill Biden’s plan of 2 free years of community college is now off the table as progress on the Build Back Better plan stalls.
Officials from WorWic Community College say the universal program would have been a big help for full and part-time students.

“It would have been a great benefit to have the program not only for us personally as a community college but benefiting and growing jobs in our area it’s disappointing in that regard,” said WorWic Vice President of Enrollment Bryan Newton. Newton says while that option is out he wants students to know that full rides for the community colleges are still available through Maryland’s 15 Million dollar Promise Scholarship program.

The program has expanded since being launched in 2019, with 83 people enrolled in the scholarship for the spring 2022 semester compared to 38 in 2019, totaling nearly 94,000 in state funds. The fund applies to all full-time students with a 2.3 GPA or higher. Newton tells us WorWic is composed of 70 percent part-time students, and that something he was hoping the Universal Community College Program would have passed had it been addressed.

Students who have been able to use the funds say they have boosted their education and recommend everyone apply for them.

“With the money the state had given me I am able to go into junior year almost debt-free so that’s really helped it you to focus on school rather than getting a job to pay for tuition,” said Freshman Natalie Hands adding “It can’t hurt you to apply and it is an incentive to keep the grades up too.”

Newton tells us the more people apply and use the program, the more likely legislators in Annapolis are to expand the scope of the Scholarship to help more students.

“If people take advantage of this and the state sees that all 15 million is being used they will come back and give us more I’m sure,” Newton said. He says that requires students to sign up for the program while filing for their FAFSA application, before the March 1st Deadline. Full details for WorWic Financial aid can be found on https://www.worwic.edu/Pay-For-College/Promise-Scholarship

Delaware community colleges also have state funding through scholarships available for High School students applying to college with at least a 2.0 GPA known as the Seed Program.


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