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Author visits Magnus Church of England Academy students to spread inspiration with a talk and book signing

The Magnus Church of England Academy gifted seven students each year a book for Christmas on an exciting day that also saw the book’s author give a lecture.

“We’ve given a book to our seventh-year students for a few years now, and can’t wait to be able to bring an author back to school in person this year,” said Heather Jackson, Director of the Learning Resource Center at Magnus.

From left: Ms. Heather Jackson, Director of the Magnus Learning Resource Center, Ava Kirtley, Billy Coogan, Kylie Buckie, Luke Wilkinson, Beatrice Cullen, Magnus School Principal Jim Semmelroth and seated foreground Helen Rutter. Credit: Lauren Cheek

“We are thrilled that Helen was able to join us to talk to Year Seven about her book The Boy That Made Everyone Laugh, and answer any questions they had for it. It is very important that our students get a chance to hear from a published author, to understand what inspired them, and to know where That creativity stems and where that creativity leads. We hope this will inspire them to read Helen’s book over the Christmas holidays and encourage them in their writing.”

After Helen’s workshop, the students were able to sign their books.

Helen said, “I enjoy visiting students and talking to them directly for a variety of reasons; getting me out of my writing shed and talking to people. But also, it helps me meet the people I hope to connect with on the page. Hopefully the students will see that writing, being an author is a job.” real and something they can do too.

“As a young man I don’t remember ever meeting or speaking to an author, and I don’t remember feeling that being a writer was an option for me. It wasn’t part of a plan at all. I didn’t feel particularly academic at the time, and so I want to talk to students about the idea that Writing is creative, and that the important aspect is being emotionally in tune with yourself and the world around you, to be able to tell stories.

“The book is inspired by my son who is a little older than these students and I hope this helps create a connection for them. I also explore the ways you build your writing so there are practical tips for students. Students also do their own writing exercises.”

Helen hopes the students will be able to see themselves as writers.

“The message is that anyone can do it, and the message from this book is that if you feel different, it won’t necessarily hold you back, it could be the thing that moves you forward,” she added.



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