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Babysitting soon? Check out these tips!

During the holiday period, some high school and college students will be babysitting to earn extra money.

Greensboro, NC – With the holiday fast approaching, some high school and college students will be babysitting to earn extra money. Babysitting is fun when the kids are happy. But, sometimes, kids can grumble and not listen well. In these times, babysitting can be a challenge. Here are some tips for babysitters to redirect the kids when they complain.

Many children grumble that their problem-solving skills are not well developed. When they don’t know how to solve a problem to get what they want, communicating with them can be a challenge. Babies may complain because they are hungry, sick, tired, need or just want a cuddle.

Teach kids problem-solving skills if you want them not to complain too much. Try to find out what is bothering them. What do they want? What do they find difficult to explain? Ask the kids to “use their words so you can understand what they want and you can help them. If the kids are confused and can’t use their words, you can ask them to indicate what they want or show them what they want.”

When you get impatient, you can take a time out. The child should be able to see you when you are outside. This is a great way to model relaxation, self-care, and anger management. You can make it clear that you feel like you’re losing patience and that you want to take a break and take a few minutes for yourself. Show them where you are going. Set a timer and tell them you’ll be joining them again after the timer is up. And during the break, you’ll stay calm. This means they can’t talk to you either.

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