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Bell’s Celebrates 20 Years with Launch of John Mallet Scholarship

Comstock, Michigan – John Mallet is a well-known name in the brewery world. His influence and contributions will soon help pave the way for the next generation of breweries.

The John Mallett Scholarship will debut in 2022 for an individual looking to further their studies with one of the courses offered by the Association of Master Brewers of the Americas.

This new grant is one of the ways Bell celebrated the 20th anniversary of the brewery’s first VP of Operations Day. A limited special beer was also revealed.

Bell’s Malletizer is an IPA brewed with Buddha’s hand mash and special barley from Briess Malting in Chilton, Wisconsin, a longtime partner of The Bell Company. The malt used for this special brew was from the last kiln that ran at Maltster’s famous Chilton malthouse last summer. Mallet was invited to be on site for that latest round, 120 years in the making.

“I was very surprised by the generosity and time my co-workers took to celebrate this achievement. Being able to help educate future brewers is just something beyond words,” Mallett said.

“The beer is great and it’s brewed with an ingredient I’ve always wanted to try,” Mallett added.

Bell’s Brewery will fund this new scholarship for the first three years, which covers enrollment and travel for a barrier-free opportunity. Founder Larry Bell will donate $125,000 to the fund directly upon closing of the Bell sale to the parent company of New Belgium Brewing Co. Trying to award the scholarship permanently.

“John has made incredible contributions to Bell’s, what it is today Two Hearted, and to the industry. Mallet has influenced so many. If there are others who would like to contribute to this cause, they are certainly welcome,” said Larry Bell, founder and president of Bell’s. also.

Mallette was honored earlier this year by the Brewers Association. The Trade Group Recognition Award is given annually “to the individual or company whose inspiration, enthusiasm, and support have contributed to the artisanal brewing movement.”

The first scholarship will be awarded in 2022. Additional details will be announced by the Master Brewers Association when they become available.

Hammer Bottles (6% Alc. By Vol.) are available exclusively at Bell’s General Store in downtown Kalamazoo. Supplies for this one-time drink are very limited.

Malletizer, drizzled with Motueka hops, delivers amazing notes of fresh citrus and lemon flavor.


John Mallett has worked at Bell Brewery in Kalamazoo and Comstock, Michigan, since 2001. As Vice President of Operations, he is responsible for the breweries’ logistics, brewing, bottling, and capital projects. John serves on many brewing technical committees and committees, including the Master Brewers Association of the Americas, the Brewers Association, the American Malting Barley Association, and the Hop Quality Group. He has written and taught extensively including at the Siebel Institute of Technology. In 2002, he received the Russell Schehrer Prize from the Institute for Fermentation Studies for innovations in fermentation.

John has served in numerous positions during his career in brewing; He was president of the Boston Commonwealth Brewery, Brewmaster at Old Dominion Brewing Co in Ashburn, Virginia, and founder and president of SAAZ, a company that provides equipment and service to breweries large and small.

He is also the author of Malt: A Practical Guide from Field to Brewhouse, the fourth installation in the Brewing Elements series of Brewers publications.

About Belle Brewery

Bell’s Brewery started in 1985 in Kalamazoo, Michigan, with Larry Bell, in search of better beer and a 15-gallon soup kettle. Since then, Bell’s has grown to become one of the largest craft breweries in America, distributed in 43 states, as well as Puerto Rico and Washington, DC. The dedication to brewing delicious, unfiltered, quality craft beers that began when Larry was a homebrewer continues today with popular brands like Oberon Ale and Two Hearted Ale, as well as Light Hearted Ale and Official Hazy IPA. Bell’s currently brews more than 20 beers for distribution from its Comstock brewery as well as many of the smaller beers served at the Eccentric Cafe in Kalamazoo. Over the years, Bell’s has become a leader in safety, quality, and human resources, paving the way for hundreds of craft breweries throughout Michigan. Bell’s ongoing goal is to make beer that is thoughtful, creative, and artistic, and strives to make craft beer welcoming and open to all.


The Master Brewers Association of the Americas was founded in 1887 with the goal of promoting, advancing and improving the professional interests of brew, malt production and technical personnel. Today, Master Brewers is a dynamic and global community advancing the brewing, brewing and allied industries by: advocating knowledge sharing; Create, compile, interpret and disseminate reliable and useful information; developing world-class educational offerings; and provide valuable personal and professional development opportunities. Master Brewers is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Master Brewers has over 4,000 members in 25 different regions from over 50 countries around the world =

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