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Berry grower celebrates 60th anniversary with scholarships

The Jones family is ringing in 2022 in celebration of the 60th anniversary of the Popalo berry.

The family is proud to honor Bob and Lupe Jones, who founded the Berry Growing Company in 1962 and named the company Bubalo by a combination of their names that still exist today.

Bobby and RC Jones, brothers and managing partners, have expressed the significance of this achievement as they look forward to celebrating 60 years of achievement and what’s next for the company. “We want to celebrate this anniversary by giving back to our community that has supported our family business for many years,” says Bobby. “We want to create an ongoing scholarship program for graduating high school students in Ventura County,” RC adds. The company is working with the Oxnard High School Consortium District to launch scholarships for each of the seven major high schools throughout Ventura County.

Left to Right: Bobby and RC Jones

The first annual Bobalu Berry Farms Scholarship Program will begin in time for high school graduates in 2022 to apply. Each high school works with Bobalu to share details and application with potential scholarship program recipients. Bobalu focuses on rewarding students who are the first to go to college in their family with strong academics and need additional financial support while they continue their education.

As the company moves into 2022, Bobby and RC Jones are excited about what they’ve accomplished even since he took the helm in 2017. They’ve expanded the company from a long-running, reliable farming operation to vertically integrated strawberry growers, shippers, and fruits. The processing company is poised for continued growth.
There will be many celebrations and milestones to be shared with buyers as Bobalu Berry Farms plans the 2022 fresh strawberry season and the next 60 years.

When asked about the biggest difference from 60 years to 2022, they both agreed that it was the shift from a regional supplier to a national brand that serves strawberries year-round. “What we are most proud of is our longstanding commitment put in place by our grandparents, Bob and Lupe, to keep family number one in our corporate culture. We maintain our motto “Family Grows, Farmers Own” and everything behind it. We accomplish this through controlled growth and being Very strategic about how to expand our company,” Bobby says.

The new farmer’s logo (below) was developed to celebrate 60 years and will be posted throughout the season.

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