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Billy Mitchell inspires Millwall Community Trust academy students – News

Millwall academy graduate Billy Mitchell joined students of The Millwall Community Trust Post-16 Academy to discuss his journey as a footballer, offer advice and answer questions.

Millwall Community Trust offer 16-18-year-old football players the opportunity to pursue a two-year football and education scholarship. This week, Billy Mitchell was in the hot seat as the students hosted a Q&A session with The Lionsplayer.

“One bit of advice I would always give, is don’t underestimate the value of training. Fans only get to see you play once a week. The coaches and staff watch you four or five days a week, so you can really make your mark.

“You have to have tunnel vision. There’s no magic formula. You just have to want it enough.

“You must focus on your goals and not waver from that too much. Everyone says to work on your weaknesses, but I think it’s just as important to work on your strengths.”

Mitchell, who made his debut for the Lions back in May 2019, recalled the scholarship he was a part of as a young footballer and the benefit of education within youth football.

“During my scholarship we went to college and were offered the chance to earn an NVQ. That’s important because not every player goes on to earn a professional contract. The qualification gives players a backup option, that can get you into several universities. It also shows potential future employers that you can apply yourself.”

Joining the students next week for another Q&A session will be Billy Mitchell’s fellow academy graduate, Danny McNamara.

Find out more about the MCT Football Academy, here.

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