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Black women’s art exhibit at Madison College will honor longtime adviser Dzigbodi Akyea

The Black Women’s Affinity Group (BWAG) at Madison College will host the exhibition “Honoring the Black Woman” at Truax Art Gallery, located at 1701 Wright St.

When long-time Madison College chancellor Dzigbody Akiya passed away last fall, BWAG decided to fulfill one of her dreams and create an exhibition set up to honor black female artists.

The free inaugural reception is tomorrow Tuesday, February 1 from 5:00-7:00 pm. The exhibition takes place throughout February. Judy Bob Williams, Madison College Community Engagement Coordinator and President of BWAG is passionate about promoting black women’s art in the Madison community.

“We affectionately call ourselves BWAG and say you can face Pope Williams said. “We are an affinity group at Madison College for Black Ladies, and we were founded in June 2019. At the time, I had been working at Madison College for 11 years. When I had the idea of ​​developing an affinity group, I reached out to my colleagues in different departments and said, ‘Hey, let’s start this Group, come on, let’s do some interest-based work brainstorming what we want to do and what we want this group to be.”

A scholarship was established in honor of Dzigbodi Akyea to support black female students at Madison College. Pope Williams herself, who is a graduate of Madison College, said the event is significant because it was created by black women and black artists during Black History Month.

“It’s the first day of Black History Month,” she said. “I would argue that black women have carried this country for a very long time. Being able to sit in a place where, it’s not just the idea that it was created, planned and executed by black women. It’s something I’m proud to be a part of. I think we’ve taken a lot of interest in what We do. There is a scholarship in honor of Dzigbodi that will benefit black female students at Madison College. While this is not a fundraiser, we also hope that it will support people with their dollars, ensuring this scholarship continues to do the work that Dzigbodi has done for over 17 years.”

Event attendees will have to follow COVID-19 protocols to ensure the safety of all visitors. There will also be soul food appetizers on display.

“We are adhering to public health guidelines,” Pope Williams said. “Masks are required. And we’ve created a flow to the gallery. There is one entrance, and there is one exit. We will use the larger open gate space for the reception, which is right next to the gallery. We were excited that we received approval from our catering department to go out and support a black woman. Soul Food Millie Meal He makes some appetizers for our event.”

Pope Williams also hopes that some artwork will be purchased in the gallery to support black female artists. This event is significant because it was created by black women and black artists.

“I think it would also be a huge success if every piece sold,” Pope Williams said. “So we are investing and putting our dollars not just for the students of Black Madison College, but for this scholarship and to invest in black art.”

For more information on the Black Woman Art Gallery Reception, Visit the event website here. The artwork on the flyer was designed by Brooklyn Doby, who serves as B – Dana arts.

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