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Board president bids farewell at South Range | News, Sports, Jobs

CANFIELD — Southring’s long-running school board presidency is coming to an end at the end of the month, and take the opportunity at the December board meeting to bid farewell to future civil servants and offer them some advice.

South Ring Chairman Ralph Wins will step down after 24 years at the end of the month, after not seeking re-election in the November election. He thanked all the staff – teachers and classifiers – noting that they all play an integral role in making South Range what it is. He also thanked all the Directors for their leadership over the years.

“I hope and pray that you see the difference you make in the life you deal with every day,” He said.

Wins notes that everyone has strengths and weaknesses as individuals and that a good leader knows their strengths and seeks support in their weaknesses. He said the three managers he’s worked with – James Hall, Dennis Dunham and current Bettany Carlson – have led the region better than anyone could have expected.

Wins explained that he sought out a desk to help add a little more to a great school district and help make it just a little better, with nothing to offer more than his love and passion for the district, and he thanked voters for the privilege of serving the students of the South. Offer the following advice to future board members: “Listen to that little voice in your head and do what is right for children and you will never go wrong. There will be difficult decisions for you to make and times that will not make everyone happy, but I promise you, if you know in your heart what is right for children, you will never go wrong. Work together as council, and discuss Each of your thoughts and listen to what the other has to say.”

Earlier in the meeting, Treasury Secretary Jim Phillips, who also retired after more than 30 years, thanked Wins for his service, noting that he helped manage more than $370 million in state, federal and local financial support and voted on more than 4,900 items of the agenda items. Phillips also noted that there is no way to estimate the time spent outside of board meetings interacting with the community.

“God bless you and thank you for your service” Phillips said.

Wins, who graduated with his wife from the area, and raised his children there, said he couldn’t “Think of a better place to be.”

Also at the meeting, former board member Corey Yokam acknowledged Taylor Christian, who also did not seek re-election in November and is ending his four-year term. Yoakam noted that the 2014 South Range valedictorian had donated all of his earnings as a school board member to the district.

In other work, the board approved supplemental contracts for Chase Booms for seventh-grade boys’ basketball and Thomas Titus for eighth-grade boys’ basketball; amending the contracts of Brooke Miller to reflect seventh-grade girls’ basketball and Kylie Loughlin to reflect eighth-grade girls’ basketball; dissolution of Joe Cunningham’s boys’ basketball contract, which was never filled; She accepted Heather Lifesay’s resignation as a middle school cheerleading coach.

The Board of Directors also approved the resignation of Victoria Wellington as a middle school teaching assistant and approved Annibel Moorefield as a middle school cheerleading coach, Walker Martz as music director for musician 2022 and Melody Queiroz and Christa Husler for Gap Kluger lessons not to exceed 50 hours each remainder of the school year (through relief funds Covid).

The Board of Directors will then meet at 6 p.m. on January 10 in the K-12 campus library.


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