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Boise State pulls out of Arizona Bowl due to COVID-19 issues

The Arizona Bowl was canceled Monday night after Boise State withdrew and closed all team activities due to COVID-19 issues within the program.

The Central Michigan Broncos were scheduled to play at Arizona Stadium on Friday, but instead joined several college basketball programs hit by coronavirus problems over the Christmas holidays.

“We feel for the youngsters on our program who have been very much looking forward to ending their season and, for some, their football career,” Boise State Athletic Director Jeremiah Dickey said in a statement Monday. “I would like to personally thank Kym Adair and her team at the Arizona Bowl for creating a first-class student and athlete experience and we are deeply disappointed in her loss.”

Barstol Sports, patron of the Arizona Bowl, He tweeted that he made the “difficult decision.” To cancel the game that was to be broadcast on its platforms. It becomes the fourth bowl to be canceled this season after Hawaiian, Fenway, and military dishes.

Instead, Central Michigan will play Washington State at Sunball in El Paso, Texas, replacing Miami in a game that will air on CBS.

The college basketball schedule will also be significantly lighter this week after the pandemic caused many games to be canceled or postponed.

The Atlantic Coast Conference and Big East announced Monday that they will cancel three and four games, respectively, that were scheduled for the next few days.

This included Duke’s No. 2 game Wednesday night in Clemson. Other ACC matches that will not take place as scheduled on Wednesday include Florida State at Boston College and Virginia Tech in North Carolina. The Georgia Tech-Syracuse game scheduled for Wednesday has been postponed earlier.

UConn’s match against 23rd player Xavier scheduled for Tuesday has been canceled due to COVID-19 issues involving huskies.

Illinois also had its game Wednesday against Florida A&M due to positive tests on the Illinois program.

Big East cited COVID-19 issues within the Georgetown and St. John’s in canceling their game scheduled for Saturday. Marquette’s match at St. John’s on Wednesday and Xavier’s match on January 4 in Georgetown have also been cancelled.

Big East officials said they will try to reschedule the games in accordance with the conference’s game cancellation policy.

Most major college conferences, including the Big East, the Atlantic Coast Conference, and the Southeast Conference, big 12 And Pac-12, they recently changed their policies to say that games that cannot be played due to COVID-19 will be rescheduled – and if they cannot be rescheduled, they will be considered no-contest.

The Big Ten said last week that it is reassessing its forfeiture policy from August, which gives a sick team a loss if it scraps against a healthy team; If both teams have issues with the COVID-19 virus and the match cannot be rescheduled, this is not a competition.

Since December 15, more than 120 men’s basketball games and 100 women’s basketball games have been canceled or postponed.

The number of people a men’s or women’s basketball team needs for the game ranges from six scholarship players and a coach in the Big 12 to at least seven in the ACC, Pac-12, and the Big East. The SEC requires teams to play if they have seven, while the ACC can choose not to play even if they have the minimum number of players, although it would be a loss.

It wasn’t just the men’s side that the Big East had to cancel matches. Four women’s games were eliminated over the following week as well, with Providence losing their competition at Xavier & Butler Court. Georgetown lost its matches against St. John and Stonehall.

Among the other women’s games canceled this week is Game 21 in Iowa scheduled for Thursday in Pennsylvania, which was canceled due to positive COVID-19 tests under the Pennsylvania State program. Fourth-ranked Arizona also saw the elimination of both of its two games scheduled for this weekend due to COVID-19 issues at Southern Cal and UCLA.

Arizona State has been dealing with its own coronavirus issues and hasn’t played since December 17.

The matches of Stanford, seeded sixth and number six, were also canceled this week with the Cardinals’ Friday game against Washington postponed, and the Terrapins’ game in Illinois on Thursday was also cancelled.


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