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Cardenas Markets Foundation Now Accepting Applications for 2022 Scholarship Program

The Cardenas Markets Foundation continues its commitment to supporting the communities it serves by providing $177,000 in scholarships to students in the areas where Cardenas Markets operates.

In summary, 59 scholarships totaling $3,000 each will be awarded for the 2022 academic year, reflecting an increase of $1,000 over the 2021 academic year.

Recipients will be selected based on their academic qualifications, financial needs, leadership qualities, and commitment to serving their local community.

“The Cardenas Markets Foundation is committed to helping students achieve their educational goals,” said Adam Salgado, President of Cardenas Markets Foundation. “We are aware that the cost of tuition and fees continues to increase year by year, and it is becoming increasingly difficult to cover these increasing costs. We are happy to step in and help defray some of these costs for our future leaders,” added Salgado.

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To qualify for the Cardenas Markets Foundation Scholarship, students, regardless of immigration status, must:

  • Stay in an area where Cardenas markets are located, which is predominantly California (Inland Empire and Bay Area), Arizona (Phoenix and Tucson), and Nevada (Las Vegas). Only applicants who provide proof of residency in a valid zip code will be able to proceed with the application form. (The assigned postal codes are found on the application page).
  • Plans to enroll in fall 2022 at a higher education or vocational training institution.
  • They must have graduated from high school by or before June 30, 2022 to be eligible.
  • Hold a GPA of at least 2.7.

Students can learn more and apply by visiting https://cardenasmarkets.com/scholarships.

Last month, the Cardenas Markets Foundation awarded $59 to $2,000 scholarships totaling $118,000 to local students for the 2020-2021 academic year. The Hispanic Grocery Foundation received 392 applications from students residing in the communities they serve.

Scholarship recipients were selected based on their academic qualifications, financial needs and leadership qualities. Applicants were seeking career advancement or training in specialized areas. More than 70% were pursuing a bachelor’s degree. “We have encouraged beneficiaries of all levels of education to help them pursue their passion and goals,” the foundation said.

Cardenas Markets Corporation is a self-contained 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation. Founded in 2005 and headquartered in Ontario, California, it is known for its charitable and community engagement efforts that positively impact the lives of the communities it serves. So far, nearly $7.3 million in scholarship money has been provided.

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