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Career counselling: questions and answers

Dec 30 deadline for admission under Ehsaas Scholarships

Q1: Respected Mr. Abedi, I was studying your column on Career Counseling. Sir, I am a BSC student in Biotechnology (Semester VII). My CGPA is 2.83 and I want to get an international scholarship for masters. Please advise me what I need to do to secure a scholarship with such a low GPA. And what major should I choose to major in biotechnology? I would be grateful to you. (Jamil Baloch, Rahim Yar Khan)

Answer: Dear Mr. Baloch, Yes, I agree that your GPA is too low for a scholarship. However, we can always look for a partial scholarship in different countries once you have completed your degree and received your final transcript. It is possible that if you work hard, you can push your GPA to 3.0 and above, in which case you may be able to get admission in a public sector university in Germany which means tuition is free and you can study for a master’s degree only by submitting Financial support guides. New fields in biotechnology and biosciences include bioinformatics, biosystems and sciences, applied biotechnology, biomedical technology etc., all of these have significant growth and opportunities in the international market.

Q2: Sir, your suggestion is required regarding my career. I have scores of over 91% in Matric and FSc. I am now studying at IBA Sukkur in class zero. After semester zero, I have to choose my field of specialization either go to the engineering department or the business department. Please give me your precious advice. (Zameen Hussain, Score)

Answer: Dear Mr. Zaameen, The decision to study engineering or business is highly dependent on your interests and career choice. As far as I can see, you have clearly demonstrated and demonstrated that you are a high caliber student with a strong academic profile in Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry. If you think engineering is your interest, I would advise you to look into software engineering, biomedical technology, or electronics and communications. As far as management is concerned, you need to think about which part of the science you would like to consider as your main professional field. If you’re good at math, the obvious choice would be Accounting and Finance. I hope you understand my point as if I didn’t talk to you or give your advice. This is the best I can do.

Q3: Dear Mr. Abedi, I recently watched your interview on TV in which you were giving career advice to students. I also spoke to your assistant. My daughter got admission in PAF KIET in Aviation Department and after that she wants to join PAF. Please give me some guidance on this. (Touqarullah Khan, Karachi)

Answer: Dear Mr. Khan, Thank you for your email. Aviation management is an important and emerging topic. However, I am not sure if your daughter will be accepted into the Pakistani force. What does it really mean that you think of the Air Force or the Airport Security Force? However, I believe she has a number of career options in the field of aviation management in the airline industry, airlines, and associated agencies that deal in the aviation management part.

Q4: Sir, my son has completed MBA in Professional Accounting from Australia and MBA (Finance) from Pakistan. Now he wants to settle in Australia. Please direct for further study/training courses to achieve a better career/future. (Aslam Abbasi, Morey).

Answer: Dear Mr. Abbasi, I believe that your son should have a thorough knowledge of the occupations that are dealt with as priority in relation to settling in Australia and since he has lived there, he should also be familiar with the requirements and conditions of applying for permanent residence. As far as his further studies are concerned; I would suggest that he find a job and gain some work experience relevant to his qualification in any financial institution or multinational organization and then he will be able to select an additional specialization for his next qualification or study. I think he has enough portfolio at the moment.

(Syed Azhar Hassanein Abedi is a well-known educator in Pakistan, with more than 20 years of experience as a provider of educational consultancy services. He has represented Pakistan in more than 100 national and international seminars, conferences and forums. He is the recipient of more than one TMG Civil Award of Excellence.)



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