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CBSE Single Girl Child Scholarship 2021 begins today; Check how to verify

Bachelorette Girl Scholarship 2021: The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has asked all schools to process the Single Girl Scholarship Program 2021 application. The Board of Directors made this announcement by issuing a notice on the official website. As per the Board of Directors’ guidelines, CBSE affiliated schools can approve applications for SGC scholarships from December 31 to January 25, 2022.

As per the circular issued by CBSE, it reads as follows: “As of this year, schools are required to process their students’ applications according to the guidelines issued for this scheme. Schools are requested to follow the guidelines for the Single Girl Scholarship for Child X-2021 available on the CBSE website.”

Students should note that they can apply for the Bachelorette Student Scholarship 2021 from today, December 27, to January 17, 2022. The Board of Directors has also instructed Heads of Schools to motivate eligible students to apply for this program. Under this scheme, single girls who have passed Class 10 of a CBSE-affiliated school and scored 60% or more in Class 10 are eligible to apply.

Only Girl Scholarship 2021: How to Check CBSE Scholarship

CBSE has issued step by step instructions to check the online form submitted by students to avail the scholarship. Candidates can follow the steps given below to complete the certification. Check below.

  • Step 1. Schools can log in through the link found at – cbse.gov.in/Scholarship.
  • Step 2. Enter the school’s current credentials as used in the various testing activities.
  • Step 3. After logging in, the list of applications for applicants affiliated with the school will appear.
  • Step 4. Check the applicant’s details and select Approved or Rejected, as the case may be.
  • After valid verification of the application against the scholarship eligibility guidelines.
  • Step 5. When the status is updated, the same will be visible to the applicant.
  • Step 6. Once the details are checked and the status is updated, no more changes can be made.
  • Step 7. Students can also follow up with the school if a pending application is presented.


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