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Certificates for school-college admission: What you need to know

For admission to school and college and to apply for jobs, various certificates must be obtained from government offices and submitted with the application. As part of e-governance, the Kerala government has created a system where many documents can be obtained online for free.

Documents for every purpose
Class Certificate Teaching Document: SSLC Book
• Proof of original domicile: birth certificate / 5 years of study / for those from other states, through the village officer.
• Minority – SSLC Book
Residency: damage card
• Testimony of Life – Jeevan Braman
• Relationship Certificate – If it is mentioned in the Ration Card, School Certificate, Aadhaar or Passport, then no other certificate is required.
• Family Membership: Ration Card
• Certificate of Proof of Identity: In the absence of personal identification documents, a photocopy certificate must be obtained from the official employee.

Important sites:
Birth certificate: https://erp.lsgkerala.gov.in/erp/guest/cert/br
• Certificate of Income / Class / Minority / Birth / Community – https://edistrict.kerala.gov.in
• Secondary Vocational Admission: https://vhscap.kerala.gov.in
• Pre-School Scholarship – 9, 10 | Post-secondary scholarship – from plus one onwards; Stipend to improve economically weak job prospects for backward classes, grants for outstanding students – https://egrantz.kerala.gov.in.
• National Scholarship Portal – https://scholarships.gov.in
• Scholarships at the Directorate of University Education – http://collegiateedu.kerala.gov.in (click on the scholarship link)
• Aspire Scholarship – https://aspirescholarship.org



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