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Claire Gallion’s morning announcements allow student voices to be heard – The Sagamore

Immediately after her breakout from her Z-block class, senior Claire Galleon enters the main office. She sits down before the public address, takes a deep breath and launches into her weekly morning announcements.

These announcements, known as Info Time, became crucial to academic life this school year.

Galleon said the information time was originally scheduled for the first five minutes of consultations.

“The schedule when I was a freshman was all about information time, and no one knew what that was because absolutely nothing happened,” Galleon said.

Galleon felt the advertisements were needed because of the sheer number of students. It aimed to create a channel to hear the voices of the students.

School within the School (SWS) history teacher and student government coordinator, Jane Martin, said the reason for the Info Time expulsion was the timing and relevance of the announcements.

“Over time, we started relying on online ads and only really important ads would be read in the tips,” Martin said.

This meant that when Galleon was a freshman, announcements for the whole school rarely happened. Galleon said she wants to change this, but the pandemic has delayed her plans.

“I wanted to make it happen before I left. It’s something I’ve been caring about for years,” Galleon said.

Galleon said she felt there was also a need to unite the student body and get excited about sports, events and clubs.

Associate Dean Lisa Redding said Galleon’s efforts to unite the student body were appreciated.

“I think it is beneficial for all students and staff to hear the same messages at the same time. People appreciate that and get the information they need,” Redding said.

Redding and Martin Galleon helped start Infotime. Both teachers said that every student’s voice deserves to be heard.

“I love hearing Claire. She is very positive and optimistic. I think it’s a great way to start the day,” Redding said.

Galleon said she hopes her ads will have real relevance to students.

“Apart from the actual words, the effect of hearing a fellow student speaking through the speakerphone sends a message louder than I am actually saying,” Galleon said.

According to Martin, Galleon’s opinion of the weekly ads is highly regarded among the school community.

“It’s not necessarily about learning what’s going on in the week, but it’s about getting the student body together around the things they need to know,” Martin said.

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