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College Credits: Dean’s List Honors, Scholarships Awarded

HOMER GLEN-LOCKPORT, IL – We share news of all the major higher education achievements for students in the area. Send your submissions to andrea.earnest@patch.com. Students from area cities like Lemont, Bolingbrook, Homer Glen, Lockport, and Romeoville celebrate accomplishments throughout the semester, including creating Dean’s List, enrolling in college, and earning scholarships.

By Anna Bilansky

Just wanted to know if you’re still posting area students’ accomplishments in college. We are very proud of our son, Nate Bilansky, for making him the Dean’s List at Purdue University in West Lafayette. He finished his first semester with a score of 4.0 in his first year in the engineering program. He is a 2021 graduate of Lemont High School.

Find out what’s going on Homer Glenn Lockport With free real-time updates from Patch.

The following information was provided by Merit Pages News:

Domestic Students Make Bradley University Dean’s List for Fall 2021

Find out what’s going on Homer Glenn Lockport With free real-time updates from Patch.

Over 1,900 students have been shortlisted for the Bradley Deans’ List for Fall 2021. To be eligible for the Dean’s List, a student must achieve a minimum 3.5-point average for the semester on a 4.0 scale.

Local students include: Lindsey Sobchak of Homer Glen, Megan Klein of Lockport, Ashley Bale of Lockport, Mackenzie Davis of Romeoville, Megan de Valois of Romeoville, Michael Cheehy of Lockport, Andrew Pelletier of Homer Glen, Abdullah Shuaib of Romeoville, and Aiden Swain from Romeoville. Lockport, Nicholas Miewski of Bolingbrook, Alyssa Millar of Bolingbrook, Travis Ingram of Bolingbrook, Angel Lemon of Bolingbrook, Ryan Jacobs of Bolingbrook, Ashley Prentz of Bolingbrook, Xavier Chapman of Bolingbrook, Kathleen Lucchesi of Bolingbrook, Michael Jimenez of Bolingbrook, Tali Bolingbrook, from Bolingbrook, Matthew Segal from Bolingbrook, Aidan O’Donnell from Bolingbrook, Brenden Wagner from Bolingbrook, Sean Otto from Bolingbrook, Jacob Morrell from Lemont, Matthew Evers of Lemont, Nathan Evers of Isonel Lemont, Joshua Freebrook Glinkowski of Lemont, and Claire Kremerius of Lemont, and Kaitlyn Nolan of Lemont, Tyler Yates of Lemont, and Josephine Ingolia of Lemont.

UW-Whitewater announces Dean’s List

The following students have been named to the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater Dean’s List for Fall 2021:

Bryce Bacall, of Homer Glen, who studies public business; Ava Cooley, of Lockport, which studies business analytics; Hailey Hartford, of Homer Glen, who teaches elementary education; Mallory Holtz, of Lockport, studies political science; Abby Janichick of Homer Glen who studies environmental sciences; Christina Kilbsa, from Lockport, teaches primary education; Brendan Spratt, of Homer Glen, who studies public business; Zach Wells, from Lockport, studies accounting; and Bro Thomas of Bolingbrook, who studies media arts and game development.

These students demonstrated their academic potential by achieving a GPA of 3.4 or higher in one semester.

“I want to congratulate every student who has set high academic standards for the fall semester and attained a highly deserving grade by the College Deans’ List,” said John Chenoweth, Dean of the College and Vice President for Academic Affairs. “We are proud of you! I encourage you to keep up the good work through the spring.”

The Registrar’s Office reported that 3,558 students were shortlisted for the dean’s list for the fall semester. About 11,500 students are currently enrolled on the university’s campuses in Whitewater and Rock County.

Lucas Scheidel named to Dean’s List for a semester at Wartburg College

Lucas Scheidel of Bolingbroke has been named to the Dean’s List at Wartburg College for the fall semester.
The college admitted 509 students for the fall semester.

The list honors students who have achieved a GPA of 3.5 or higher in at least four credits during the semester. Three of the four course credits must be rated with a conventional letter grade.

Fall 2021 Dean’s List at Al-Zaytoun University of Nasiriyah

To qualify for inclusion on the Dean’s List, a student must have been enrolled as a full-time undergraduate student and must have earned a semester grade point average of 3.50 or higher on a 4.00 grade scale.

Recognized area students include: Jack Bush from Bolingbrook, Brianna Guzman from Bolingbrook, Hannah Lemmert from Bolingbrook, Kyle Taylor from Bolingbrook, Ronald Artafia from Romoville, Amanda Listerman from Romoville, Isaac Lucas from Romoville, Claire O’Neill from Homer Glenn, Hayley Renberck Homer Glen, Hannah Swatsky of Homer Glen, Ian Varques of Romeoville, Sarah Bell of Lockport, Eric Verjanic of Lockport, Rachel Luttermilch of Lockport.

UW-Whitewater awards over $2.4 million in scholarships for 2021-2022

The following local students are among the University of Wisconsin Whitewater Scholarship recipients who receive prize money for the 2021-22 academic year.

Lockport’s Shannon Branick, who studies accounting, won the Academic Advisors Award.

Hayley Hartford, of Homer Glen, who teaches elementary education, won the Karl & Doris Zahn Education Scholarship.

Abby Janicek, of Homer Glen, who studies environmental sciences, won the advisory scientists.

Zack Wells, of Lockport, who studies accounting, won an admissions scholarship to the School of Business and Economics.

Joe Kelly, of Lemont, who studies accounting, has been awarded the Warhawk Accounting Advancement Scholarship.

Matthew Lopez, of Bolingbrook, who studies political science, received the Spirit of Whitewater Energy Award; William J and Helen B Maleris Scholarships; William J. Mallerys Endowment.

“On behalf of the UW-Whitewater Foundation“We send our deepest congratulations to this year’s scholarship winners, who represent the very best in academic excellence, co-curricular and service across all of our colleges and departments,” said Sandy Dunst, Interim President of the UW-Whitewater Foundation. Over the years, many people and organizations have donated money to make these cash prizes a reality. Their kindness and generosity have contributed to the success of our Warhawks and we are so grateful for their support.”

Emma Lynch from Lemont participates in the UAE University Cooperative Education Program

Emma Lynch of Lemont, a student at the University of Alabama, is participating in the UAEU Cooperative Education Program during the Spring 2022 semester. Lynch works for Eastman Chemical.

In a co-op program, students alternate periods of full-time study with periods of full-time work. This program presents work related to the academic major or professional interests of each student.

SNHU Announces Dean’s List for Fall 2021

The Artus Peyton is named after Homer’s Glen Southern New Hampshire UniversityDean’s List for Fall 2021.

Full-time undergraduates with a minimum grade point average of 3.500 to 3,699 are named to the Dean’s List.

SNHU announces fall 2021 president roster

Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU) has named the following students to its Fall 2021 President’s List.

Full-time undergraduates with a minimum grade point average of 3.700 and above are named to the President’s List. Students of the recognized area include:

Brian Garvey from Romeoville
Andrew Wehrey from Romeoville
Arthur Kolodzig in Homer Glen
Samer Khalifa from Lemont

Andrios Lillis named to Kennesaw State’s Fall 2021 President’s List

Andrius Lelis of Lemont has been shortlisted for Kennesaw State University’s Fall 2021 President’s List.
Lillis majored in cybersecurity, and was among the more than 5,100 undergraduate students shortlisted for the Fall 2021 President’s List.

To qualify, students must achieve an average of 4.0 points and complete a minimum of nine credits.


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