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Commercial Awareness with The Corporate Law Journal – Palatinate

By Pia Bellingen

commercial awareness. We hear this phrase being thrown around by career and corporate advisors and head-hunters a lot. But how does one sift through a myriad of world events to focus on the most important ones? Recent Durham University alumni Saffron-Lucia Gilbert-Kaluba (left) and Ellie Nikolova (right) presented a solution through the Corporate Law Journal. Founded in 2018 during their first year of college, the Journal of Corporate Law has expanded exponentially since then. Beginning with the idea of ​​Ellie and Saffron’s brunch, it has grown into a company with a staff of more than thirty professionals, lawyers, students and newly published writers, the Corporate Law Guide.

Ellie, a business graduate who is now focusing on a Postgraduate Diploma in Law, explains that the Journal of Corporate Law “is a platform where news and issues are easy to understand for people who sometimes don’t understand what’s going on in the industry. The key point that was missing when I was a student is The fact that when you go to interviews you are told that business awareness is important and is the key. Therefore, people assume that they just need to read the news and remember current events. However, that is not what you mean. Business awareness requires reading what is going on in industries and the corporate world, and you have to apply it On the law. Likewise, you have to be able to apply it to the client and the industry you’ll be working in as a lawyer. That kind of information was lacking for me.”

Commercial awareness requires reading what is going on in industries and the corporate world, and you have to apply it to the law

Saffron, a law school graduate, adds that “not everyone has the time not only to follow publications like The Economist And Financial Times Where articles are very long while also understanding their contents. Therefore, we believed that there was nothing to provide summary information about business awareness.” Both founders specified that the existing sources are designed to help students only provide general information and advice. Instead, Corporate Law Journal and its team seek to present and assess the root of the issues at hand while giving an “advantage.” her legal.

With a focus on politics, technology, finance, and environmental awareness, the Journal of Corporate Law also fits the needs of non-legal students. “I think the common mistake — which we don’t shout from above the roof — is that someone might think of us ‘Oh, this is just a legal journal to talk about law and how to get into law.’ No, basically, our business model doesn’t have to be like that. Our business model is to be a news and media organization that delivers as much news as possible.” Saffron Comments.

Furthermore it, Corporate Law Journal Guide It differs from the Blog by providing brief insights into the various legal and business sectors. According to Eli, “The book covers many principles of business and finance. That’s the anatomy of the deal. It also includes application tips: from cover letters, written answers, interview questions, vacation plans, post-holiday plans—everything you’ll need in one place. Things Which, when I was applying, was a mess. It was very hard to find—let alone find this information all in one place.” What makes the book special is that it goes further and covers law enforcement and how it affects businesses, clients, sectors, and industries. “I feel like this is one of the things our writers wanted to focus on, specifically gathering all the essentials you might use and need in one place during this application process,” she adds.

I think coming from Durham University, it’s very easy to forget that we have a lot of great information, whether it’s from our legal community or our careers sector.

Most importantly, both Eli and Saffron understand the frustration of students everywhere to gain valuable and professional information in the business. Eli notes: “I think coming from Durham University, it’s very easy to forget that we have a lot of great information, whether it’s from our legal community or our careers sector. But for other students around the country who apply, that’s not the case. We wanted to create something with this unique information including advice from actual apprentices, future apprentices and people who have insight into this world but for less than £5.” Corporate Law Journal Guide It is the product of such an initiative.

Finally, Saffron says, “We are always open to writers if they want to write for the journal or join. They can reach us by emailing team@thecorporatelawjournal.com and submitting a 300-500 word initial article and CV. We can then interview with Ellie.We are always looking for writers.As a company,we have expanded greatly,so we are also open for people to do social media if they want to join the media team.Moreover,we try to offer a video platform and attach it to our corporate law journal.We are always open It’s up to the people who join us. If they have a talent that could work well with the Journal of Corporate Law, we are always happy to speak.”

Image credits: Saffron-Lucia Gilbert-Kaluba and Ellie Nikolova via LinkedIn

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