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Common student-centered approach to teaching, learning update: December 2021 issue | CU Boulder Today

Editor’s note: This is part of a monthly series of campus updates about CU Boulder’s efforts to build a common, student-centered approach to teaching and learning. This series will run throughout the school year.

The leadership team cites student achievements during the fall semester, and looks forward to spring to continue progress

the The University Success Leadership Implementation Team (BUS-LIT), which began its work earlier in the semester, met regularly throughout the fall semester to identify student success from a university student’s perspective and to identify common barriers that prevent students from achieving their goals and earning their degrees.

The team supported the following fall accomplishments to support undergraduate success:

Puff Info Service Center

The Buff Info Service Center is expanding as the “front door” for student support questions. Buff Info was formed in January 2021 to provide the CU Boulder community with a central point of contact and information. Since its inception, the Buff Info team has made 16,502 cases were sent out to answer questions and provide students, faculty, staff, and families with connections to campus information and resources.

Buff Info contacts can be reached at 303-492-INFO (4636) or by email at buffinfo@colorado.edu from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., Monday through Friday. The university will extend these hours when needed. Buff Info also offers a live chat that students can also access at colorado.edu/students. The Buff Info team is available to answer questions on a variety of topics related to CU Boulder, and assist faculty, staff, students, and parents to contact the appropriate campus service office/center for additional information or assistance as needed.

Cycle Alert System

the The course alert system has been expanded to include all undergraduate courses. Course alerts are an important component of ensuring undergraduate success. If students are alerted early in the class, they will have time to take action, whether that means seeking additional help or guidance from the teacher, engaging a teacher or adjusting their schedule accordingly.

Teachers are being asked to send a course alert to undergraduate students who don’t complete assignments, miss class, do poorly on tests and assignments, or are otherwise struggling and may need help. Students are notified by email shortly after the teacher selects them; In addition, advisors and other Student Success Officers have access to students to provide resources and suggestions for improving performance.

New working groups

The team identified a number of working groups that are forming for the spring. Each group will present proposed solutions directed towards the goal(s) of the following:

  • Improving student retention and graduation rates, including retention and graduation rates for students from disadvantaged groups.
  • Improving students’ sense of social and/or academic belonging and academic confidence, including students from disadvantaged groups.
  • Improving the effective integration of technology, data, and communications to enhance students’ digital experience and enhance ease of access to student support services that enable students to succeed.
  • Align student success outcomes with undergraduate curriculum and improve teaching and learning, in accordance with faculty leadership.

The Buff Undergraduate Success team will collect each group’s input in January and begin to prioritize and move projects forward during the spring.

The Joint Curriculum Planning Committee drafts topics and takes into account learning outcomes

the The Co-Curricular Planning Committee continues its work focused on creating a shared learning experience and a common set of learning outcomes for undergraduate students at the University of Colorado Boulder.

The committee concludes its first major task, which is to develop shared learning goals and outcomes to support a common curriculum. These shared learning goals were communicated through the Academic Futures Report, the IDEA Plan, and input from colleagues and students across campus collected via white papers submitted to the committee and via the Spring 2021 Cross-Curriculum Open Forums and the Listening Tour, which involved nearly 80 departments, university and school and shared governance, student counseling, and student support groups. The goal is to submit a draft of the Common Curriculum Framework Options to the campus community for review and input in February 2022.

The creation of a common curriculum and a consistent campus-wide system for assessing student learning will be reviewed as part of CU Boulder’s Follow-up accreditation report required for the Higher Education Commission Assurance Review, which will be submitted for evaluation by the Commission in early June 2024.

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