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Covid-19 Delta outbreak: St Anne’s Catholic School student tests positive – 25 pupils and three staff isolating

New Zealand

There were 98 new cases of COVID-19 in the community on Tuesday. Video / Dean Purcell / Michael Craig

Ann’s Catholic School in Manueira has tested positive for Covid, forcing 25 students and three other staff members to take the test and self-isolate.

Principal Glenn Ryan told the Herald that the school was notified of the result on the afternoon of Monday, December 6, following the student’s test on Saturday, December 4.

Ryan said the pupil last attended school on Thursday, December 2.

He said that 25 students and three staff members from the same school bubble were identified and considered close contact.

Ryan said all contacts were wearing masks and all staff were fully vaccinated.

The Herald asked whether the positive case, the infected students had been fully vaccinated, and how many contacts were still waiting for test results. We are waiting for a response.

“We have reached out to the students and provided them with food and pastoral care to support their focus on recovering quickly. We have a very supportive community and wonderful staff,” Ryan said.

“We hope to see all of the Tamiriki family and staff return to school on Monday.”

He said he immediately followed the advice of the Department of Health, the Auckland Regional Public Health Service (ARPHS) and the Auckland Director of Education (ADE) and provided the necessary information about testing and home isolation of close contacts.

“The classroom space has been cleaned up Monday night and will be receiving more deep cleaning this evening.”

Ryan said information has also been made available to the school community to inform them of the confirmed case and to outline health advice about monitoring for symptoms.

“The school followed the health and safety guidelines provided by the Ministry of Education, and was advised that only close contacts need to self-isolate and the rest of the school remains open.


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