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COVID-19 spreads to 1100 students ‘as expected’, 14 more deaths on Friday

“The numbers are pretty steady, we’ve seen a slight increase today, but at this stage it’s quite mild in children,” Ms Palaszczuk said.

“Also we have the capacity for PCR tests and we’ve distributed RATs to schools so if anyone develops symptoms they can get [a test].”

Of the positive tests, 280 children aged five to 11 positive via PCR tests and 347 through RATs, while 236 students aged 12-to-17 tested positive through PCR tests while 286 were detected by RATs.

Ms Palaszczuk also confirmed the state would not require people to receive their booster shots to be considered “fully vaccinated” for the purpose of being allowed into certain venues.

Unvaccinated people are banned from entering places such as pubs, cafes and theaters, with people needing to show proof of vaccination to enter.


The Australian Technical Advisory Group on Immunisation stopped short of changing the definition of fully vaccinated to include three shots, but strongly urged people to get a booster, saying it gave the best coverage against the virus.

Ms Palaszczuk said she was very happy the state had passed 60 per cent of eligible people receiving their third dose.

“In relation to going into cafes and clubs and restaurants, our view is you do not have to show you’ve had a booster … that the double-vax will suffice, but you’ll be able to eventually get your booster uploaded onto your app, which is an added measure for yourself.”

Health Minister Yvette D’Ath said aged care were being monitored, after the situation at Logan aged care center Jeta Gardens came to light this week.

The SABC reported a manager at the center told residents’ families they had not been able to source booster shots from the federal government for weeks.

Ms D’Ath said the state government offered assistance to the Commonwealth on aged care facilities, adding that she knew of about “a dozen” facilities on a “watchlist” due to their performance over the pandemic.

“We are seeing outbreaks right across the state, we are seeing a shortage of staff right across the state in aged care,” she said.

“I think all this will be reviewed at some point in the future about the response in aged care and COVID – whether that should be done by individual states or at a national level, that is an option.”

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