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COVID-19: Taiwan to reopen borders to overseas language students without scholarship

The ministry said that in March Taiwan will reopen its borders to about 5,000 international language students who do not have the Education Enrichment Huayu Scholarship from the Ministry of Education.

The new regulations will apply to non-scholarship students who want to study Mandarin in Taiwan for at least six months, and universities can start submitting applications on behalf of students from February 14, the ministry said.

The ministry said entry dates have been set to avoid an influx of passengers around the busy Lunar New Year travel period.

Photo: Rachel Lin Taipei Times

Eligible students must submit a negative COVID-19 test result within three days of boarding the flight, and must also take a PCR test upon arrival and before the end of the mandatory 14-day quarantine.

The ministry added that after the quarantine, students will be required to follow the Self-Health Administration guidelines for another seven days and take a quick self-test for COVID-19 before they can enter the school campus.

After a surge in the number of local COVID-19 infections last year, Taiwan as of May 19 banned all arrivals except for citizens and legal residents.

International students who have been accepted into programs of one year or more are usually eligible for the Foreign Resident Certificate (ARC), and since they can only apply for and obtain an ARC while in Taiwan, the restrictions primarily affect students Newly registered who are still overseas.

Taiwan in August last year granted entry to international students who do not have an ARC, though only to those who are enrolled in degree programs at Taiwanese universities or who have been awarded a Taiwan Scholarship for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or a Huayu Enrichment Scholarship.

Currently, non-scholarship language students are denied entry to Taiwan, regardless of the length of their program.

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