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Covid cases soar among students

Covid cases soar among students

POSITIVE coronavirus cases among students at Aberystwyth have soared since the start of February, with more than 400 cases recorded in the first 10 days of the month.

According to university data, more cases were recorded among students in the first 10 days of February than were recorded at the university for the five months from the start of term in September to the end of January combined.

Over that five month period, the university recorded 269 positive cases among students.

The university recorded 439 cases between 1 and 10 February alone.

The university said that despite the high levels of positive cases there is “no evidence” that the virus is spreading “within university activities”, where students are expected to use face masks and extra ventilation has been put in place.

An Aberystwyth University spokesperson told the Cambrian News that the institution is “closely monitoring the current circumstances and remain in close collaboration with local partner organisations.”

“While we are aware that there have been increases in numbers of confirmed cases associated with a variety of educational settings in the area, there has been no evidence of transmission within university activities, which are subject to continued safety measures such as face coverings in all teaching sessions and the widespread monitoring of the ventilation in teaching spaces,” the spokesperson said.

“We are grateful to our staff and students for continuing to follow the latest Welsh Government guidance for universities, which includes testing three times a week.

“That high level of home testing among our staff and students, who can access testing kits on campus, is the latest example of their very hard work during the pandemic, helping to protect each other along with the wider community.

“We are very thankful to them for listening diligently to the Welsh Government’s advice, which also asks everyone in society to test prior to undertaking social activities.”

A Ceredigion County Council spokesperson said that they are “aware of an increase in COVID-19 cases within the student community in Aberystwyth.”

“We are working closely with Aberystwyth University and encourage all index cases and contacts to participate in the telephone calls or complete the e-forms provided by our Test, Trace, Protect team so we can manage and reduce the spread of the virus,” the spokesperson said.

“The council is providing advice and is pleased to note that the students are being encouraged to take regular LFT tests.”



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