Home Career Advice covid: Dial 181 For Medical Advise On Covid | Jaipur News

covid: Dial 181 For Medical Advise On Covid | Jaipur News

covid: Dial 181 For Medical Advise On Covid | Jaipur News

Jaipur: Amid rising infections, the Ministry of Health has deployed 12 doctors who will be made available on call to people at the call center to help them get advice on treatment and management of Covid.
People can call 181 helplines and get advice from health experts.
Doctors were posted to the call center two days ago. One can call 181 and the executive will pick up the phone and ask the reason for calling. The caller will have to provide the details and ask the CEO that he needs medical advice from health experts.
Doctors at the call center advise the people, who call the call center, on the basis of the instructions issued by the center and the state from time to time. Since 98% of patients are in isolation at home, they have a lot of questions on their mind regarding symptoms, treatment, and questions about when to go to hospital. The call center will be helpful in guiding patients who are in isolation at home.
The performance of the call center has changed with the change in the waves of Covid-19. “The call center has been in operation since the first wave of Covid. At that time, people were asking for nutritional needs as well as medical assistance. In the second wave, people’s requirements changed and demand was seen for oxygen, medical assistance and medicines. JK Sharma, Additional Director (IT Cell) said. , Department of Information and Communications Technology, “Now, we’re seeing a demand for vaccines and medical advice.”
Besides, the call center also receives a lot of calls from people for vaccination. The state government recently launched a vaccination camp request facility in their area.
It also receives invitations for electronic guidance on marriage, anniversaries, childbirth and other events that people need to hold.




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