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CTU year in review: Carnegie Elementary unites and fights for safety

For two days, teachers at Carnegie Elementary School in Woodlawn taught remotely, refusing to enter the building until Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s CPS leadership team responded to Southside School’s additional safety measures.

Teachers at Carnegie Elementary School secure a safety deal after the coronavirus stormed their school

At the start of Thanksgiving week, John L. Bush, a SECA member at Carnegie Elementary School, started feeling sick and took a COVID-19 test. His test result was positive, and he died on Friday. While the entire school community grieved and the number of positive cases in the school rose to nearly two dozen, members of the CTU at Carnegie took action.

For two days, teachers at Carnegie taught remotely, refusing to enter the building until Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s CPS leadership team responded to the Southside School’s demands for additional safety measures. Unfortunately, The mayor’s first instinct was to attack the teachers For trying to “score political points” and “throw bombs from cheap seats.”

However, the mayor’s team had to acknowledge that the teachers’ demands were entirely reasonable, and eventually agreed to a more thorough clean-up, hiring additional guard staff, increasing COVID testing (including home testing), expanding vaccination access to families, adding air purification and Filtration systems that adequately meet the size requirements of Carnegie Classrooms.

“The courage and commitment on the part of our members, support staff, management, and families at Carnegie University kept the school community united,” said Jesse Sharkey, president of CTU. “Carnegie has shown our union and city what a true sacrifice looks like, and this leadership will inspire more schools to stand up with equal strength for the safety of their students and fellow students.”

On the morning of December 10, in the midst of a massive outpouring of images of support and solidarity from CTU beds across the city, Carnegie’s teachers returned to the building, stronger together.

“Nothing will bring him back,” said John L’s mother, Claudette Bosch. “But if his death brings attention, and highlights a larger problem, his death will not be in vain.”

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(Carnegie Elementary School and Counter-Terrorism Unit officers. Stronger. Together.)

We have updated the information at ctulocal1.org so please check Important updates on the safety campaign in our school communities For the latest information regarding the safe return, including a proposed reopening in front of the CPS and Tele-town hall for all members on Sunday.

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