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Academic Concerns

Matters involving classroom expectations, interactions with a member of the faculty, and concerns related to assignment, test and course grades are resolved within Academic Affairs. You are encouraged to resolve immediate grading when they occur. The Faculty Handbook contains specific procedures for Grade Appeals

Request to make an appointment to speak to the faculty member, by phone, Zoom, or in-person. Full-time faculty maintain regular office hours each week. Office hours are often listed in the course syllabus. In many cases, an individual conversation with a faculty member is all that is necessary to resolve the issue.

If you are unable to resolve the conflict with the instructor, contact the department chairperson. The faculty are supervised by chairpersons. Chairpersons are supervised by Deans. Every Academic College has a Dean. If you are unsure who to speak with, contact us and we will direct you appropriately. Here is a list of academic departments.

Financial Concerns

At times, the challenge of paying for college can feel overwhelming. When you are concerned about paying your bill, always begin by speaking with the staff in Student Financial Services. Call (573) 651-2253email sfs@semo.edu or visit the office on the lower level of Academic Hall.

If your account is past due, a hold may be placed on your record to prevent future registration and your current enrollment may be cancelled. You can prevent this from happening by talking with a Student Service Specialist before the payment due date and using a payment plan.

Whether you are using financial aid or paying for college out-of-pocket, paying for college does take management on your part.

There are ways to make paying for college more manageable:

  • Meet deadlines
  • Live within your means.
  • Meet satisfactory academic progress guidelines. Know the minimum GPA and percent of hours you need to complete to continue to receive financial aid.
  • Do not drop or repeat too many classes. This becomes costly over time. With time, this may cause you to lose federal financial aid.
  • Work, but not too much. We know you need to work to pay your bills. We also know that working too much can lead to poor grades and withdrawal from class.
  • For most students, using student loans to pay for a part of their college education is a fact of life. Borrowing only what you need and your degree is the best ways to afford loan repayment when the time comes. You can regularly monitor your student loan borrowing and calculate your estimated monthly repayment amounts online at studentaid.ed.gov.

Absence from Class (Temp-Out)

Temporarily Out of Class Notices or “Temp Outs” are available if you have a substantial personal emergency resulting in absence from class. Faculty members are notified by the Dean of Students via email of a student’s absence from class. This service is provided to help students quickly and efficacy an upcoming extended period of absence.

This does not serve as an excused absence from class, nor does it excuse the student from the course requirements.

You are responsible for following up with your instructors to make arrangements for making up missed coursework. It is up to each individual faculty member to determine if missed work will be allowed to be “made up.”

A Temp Out will not be granted during finals week. If you are unable to attend a scheduled final, you must make arrangements individually with the instructor in advance.

If you wish to have faculty notified through a “Temp Out” contact us at (573) 986-6191. A family member or relative may call on your behalf, should you be unable to call.

The Dean of Students reserves the right to deny a request for a Temp Out in cases where a student cannot substantiate the need.

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