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Dedicated To Campus Health And Safety – Press Room

Dedicated To Campus Health And Safety – Press Room

January 7 2022

The behind-the-scenes advisory team supports a culture of care

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Top row (left to right): Margaery Coleman Carter, Kieran Barrett, Stephanie Silvera, Patricia Ruiz, Laura Billings. Bottom row: Jan Smolwitz, Jenna Coffey, Jonathan Howell, Jacqueline Friedman Lombardo, Lisa Lieberman. Not pictured: Christopher McKinley and Valerie Hunter.

Behind the university’s decisions regarding COVID-19 is the Campus Health Advisory Team (CHAT), which monitors issues important to the public health of the campus community and advises the president and campus leaders on students, faculty, and staff’s physical and psychological questions. and emotional well-being.

Using the advice of the team, the university was able to successfully pass the entire fall semester of fully personalized learning. The campus community followed evidence-based protocols aimed at increasing safety and decreasing the spread of COVID-19, and the CHAT group monitored case levels and changes in and around the community.

“We are a dedicated team of people who meet weekly and bring our particular areas of expertise to the table,” says Dean of Students Margaery Coleman Carter, President of CHAT. “We have a real commitment to the health and safety of our campus community that goes beyond COVID. We are here to support and promote a culture of care on our campus.”

The team is made up of 12 campus representatives who solicit input and opinions from university experts and provide summaries and briefings to President Jonathan Koppel and other university leaders as needed to make policy decisions that promote the health of the campus.

Her initial focus was related to COVID-19 and she has advised the President and the COVID-19 Policy Implementation Group that supports the President’s decisions and ensures that plans are implemented as intended.

The team makes recommendations that are considered for possible implementation. Implementation requires the input, action and collaboration of multiple departments and divisions within the university under the supervision of those uniquely qualified.

The team made recommendations that contributed to:

  • Provide timely updated important information
  • Provide best practices for a safe work/education environment
  • Testing and Vaccine Initiatives
  • Responding to individual information requests
  • Communicate with external experts
  • Hawk Check language update
  • Health Promotion Office Messages
  • Design and production of “for you, me, us” mask

Team members are: Dean of Students Marjorie Coleman Carter (chair); Patricia RuizHealth center manager. Gina CoffeyAssistant Director of Environmental Health and Safety; Dean of the College of Nursing Jan Smolwitz; Stephanie Silvera, Professor of Epidemiology and Public Health; Lisa LiebermanHead of the Public Health Department; Dean of the College of Science and Mathematics Laura Billings; Jacqueline Friedman LombardoDirector of the Center for Counseling and Psychological Services; Deputy Chief of Police Kieran Barrett; Christopher McKinley, Professor of Health Communications; Valerie HunterAssociate Vice President of Benefits, Compensation, and Payroll; And Jonathan Howell, Associate Professor of Linguistics.



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