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Devin Brown’s fit in Ohio State’s offense, Kye Stokes’ potential and more takeaways from meeting the newest Buckeyes – The Athletic

Columbus, Ohio – Ohio State welcomed 13 new scholarship players into the program at the beginning of January. Eleven of the early pre-season 2022 recruits and transfers to safety Tanner McAllister (Oklahoma State) and linebacker DeaMonte “Chip” Trianum (Arizona State) are on campus and will go through winter training with a spring ball in sight.

The new students are:

Linebacker CJ Hicks

Quarterback Devin Brown

Recipient Keon Gray

Back line Gabi Powers

Defensive line Kaden Carrey

Recipient Caleb Burton

Back Corner Gear Brown

Offensive tackle George Fitzpatrick

Cornerback Ryan Turner

Safety Key Stokes

Tight End Christian Bennett

Finally, eight new defensive players and five new offensive players have joined the roster and will take a head start on the remaining ten players of the 2022 class arriving in June.

Here are some tips from that group who spoke to the media for the first time as members of the Buckeyes earlier this week:

Brown fit into Ryan Day’s offense

Brown oozes confidence. Perhaps some of that comes from On3 Sports recently about being named the No. 1 player in the recruiting category for 2022. Although people who have known Brown long before he earned that designation will tell you he has a magnetic personality. Even coach Ryan Day said so when he signed Brown in December.



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